Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Obama's 100th day of Christmas, Congress gave to me ...$7 trillion dollars of spending and a $13/week stimulus

In 100 days he spent

$7 trillion dollars on the following:

$1.40 trillion for the bailouts (to corrupt CEO's)
$1.00 trillion for the stimulus
$0.45 trillion for the omnibus
$0.75 trillion for the IMF
$3.50 trillion for the budget

plus interest and inflation

***Increased federal deficits weaken the U.S. in global trade!!!***

China buy US treasuries to keep the Yuan valued lower than the US Dollar. Remember we have to sell treasuries to China to finance this debt.
Then the Federal Reserve is going to print the rest. Remember kids, the current account deficit with China is sinking the American Economic Ship. Just add massive weight with a federal deficit to push the boat under and we get a Titanic!

Clinton damaged the ship. Bush submerged the ship. Obama is making sure the ship sinks to the bottom.

$7 trillion in 100 days equals the following:


And we get a $13/week stimulus!!! I'd rather get coal in our stockings. But since the government is taking ownership of the atmosphere with this cap and trade policy, we won't be allowed to use coal to create energy and I can't afford the penalties so I'll take the $13/week "stimulus". Soon to disappear with inflation since the Bernanke Elf is busily printing wads of US Dollars.

I'm going to write about cap and trade issue in another blog.

Being late on your student loans will keep you from getting a job in the public sector. Since the Obamasanta is not concerned about encouraging a private sector to stay.

Infact, right after inauguration the banker elves were hiring for their derivatives' departments. This is the "end of the recession". No wealth creation, nothing stable. Just derivatives and another credit bubble to save the day!! And Real Estate values for a bit. The sneaky Treasury Secretary elf was hired for this cabinet position for a reason. We saw it from the very beginning.

Remember folks, the true measure of Real Estate volatility is going to be the Cost of Living Index. Shhhh! Don't tell the realtor "authority" elves and their "financial engineering" elves, they'll cook those numbers to make real estate look more expensive than it really is.

Slim Shady Obammy forgot to regulate the derivatives market. Oops! They just threw money at the criminals and set them up to commit fraud yet again. Santa is supposed to give the bad little boys and girls coal, while the good boys and girls are smart enough to figure out that Santa doesn't exist but want to keep what they earned in the first place.

Atlas has Shrugged. We're living in Orwellian times.

WHY THE MSM ELVES AREN'T REPORTING ON OBAMA's first 100 days of presidency...

53% Say Next President Likely To Be A Republican
tiny url com/cwjjo9

Support for Free Market Economy Up Seven Points Since December
tiny url com/desbfq

Presidential numbers (severely weak on the economic sector)
tiny url com/6e7ojb

58% Oppose Further Investigation of U.S. Torture Allegations
tiny url com/col7ya

58% Say Release of CIA Memos Endangers National Security
tiny url com/dboxns

Of Somali Pirates, Airforce One's flying by Lady Liberty, right winged "extremists" (so much for bipartisanship), more bailout bullsh*t, tea party slander and god knows what else... this has been a too interesting 100 days.

And the banks still have yet to start lending. Good grief!

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