Friday, April 3, 2009

G-20 Disaster. The word "Humanitarian" and the Emotional Blackmail.

Barrack and Michelle Obama's etiquitte flaws made the top headlines. Katie Couric covered the G-20 summit, apparently CBS isn't too interested in good journalism. Again, no real news came out about how much taxpayer money Obama threw at the international community.

Supposedly a $1 trillion dollar was spent to prop up "poorer countries". Like always, the theft entailed no transparancy. Today a $3 trillion dollar "budget" was passed. Budget is a contradictory term, Congress cannot budget to save their lives. But Obama just threw taxpayer money at the international community to seek power, and to make us look like "humanitarians".

Obama made a deep bow at the Sheik and kissed his ring, he is obviously more concerned with "relations" in the middle east than he is in the plight of the taxpayers(I believe he was funded by Saudi Arabia during his campaign). Tent cities are up in Ontario and Sacremento California. Obama ran for president, it's his job to deal with this.

The United States of America is BANKRUPT!

The fiscal burden, including the federal deficit plus the medicare/social security bills for Boomers exceed America's net worth. Did Obama really graduate from Harvard? His intellegence in this matter is discrediting Harvard's reputation. How is he and Congress spending trillions every month? With no transparancy? Not only is our generation going to be burden with their debt, we're going to be burdened with inflation if not hyperinflation. I voted against Obama and unfortunately I was right.

With that being said, what's wrong with the word "humanitarian"?

Would Americans not be considered "humanitarians" if we didn't spend so much of our money at the G-20 summit meeting? This is complete emotional manipulation, preying on guilt of some sort to get what they want. Like a dog that favors you for a piece of bacon. This is not only ingenuine for the weight of the word's context, but the stale and fluffy elitist snobbery is nauseating.

I'm sorry, most Americans I know help other people. Did we not see Katrina? What about those floods in North Dakota? Americans volunteer in soup kitchens all the time. Churches are out trying to help people. Americans volunteer at animal shelters. Americans volunteer at domestic abuse and suicide shelters. Americans foster and adopt abandoned children, from all over the world. Americans risk their lives with the intent of protecting our freedoms. Americans risk their lives in occupations such as firefighting, to protect other people. Americans are charitable. Americans write in tax breaks for charitable donations. Americans volunteer at homeless shelters.

Did Americans not care enough for their neighbors to march in a Civil Rights protest? America is one of the 1st countries to accomplish the end of segregation.

I've lived in another country that is prided by the world community. We are not saints, but America is much more humanitarian and genuinely more tolerant than they.

Anyone who used the word "Imperialist America" is a gullible person who only travels the world no further than tourist traps. America allows the troops stationed in less developed nations to give medical care to their sick. Has anyone seen the show "MASH"? It's based on reality. We can consider it a "liability" to us, but most Americans don't see it that way.

Again, how "evil" is America when America aided other countries in times of war? Let's see. The invation of Afghanistan started with Tony Blair in the U.K. The U.S. aided allies in Vietnam during the 60's. The U.S. aided South Korea during the battle with the north.

America has aided our former enemies after war. America's biggest enemies, Germany and Japan now have strong economies. Japan solely due to exports to America. The liberals don't want us to know about this. During NAM, their soldiers hid behind children and our media only reported on how bad our troops were. People only want to address the worst just so they will get something out of it.

America has been good to it's neighbors. The world's standard of living increased dramatically because of innovations that Americans were free to benefit from; including modern medicine. People come to the U.S. from Europe or Canada for our health care, only because the quality is kept high due to the privitized sector.

America has also given other countries such as Saudi Arabia, Canada, South Korea, Japan, etc... with healthy trade surpluses. Would it be too much to ask if the WTO would back us in trade issues with China since we're giving the world it's economy through trade?

The working class Americans have suffered dramatically with a record breaking trade deficit and other costs of offshoring production and outsourcing jobs. Both China and India, both undeveloped socialist populous countries had strong economic growth at our expense. We're expected to be "humanitarians" now. Both have a definate caste system, in China they do but it's not called that so little would they care that people don't often choose for bloated bureaucracies.

Not even a "thank you" for the contribution. How rude! We get emotionally blackmailed as Obama slaps on the tax burden.

I'm not sure if anyone remembers that Statue of Liberty. She welcomed masses from countries all over the world fleeing hardships caused by totalitarian regimes. Cubans swim to our shores in Florida. Mexicans swim to our shores and cross our borders everyday. They get free healthcare and a free education at the taxpayer's expense. People from all over the world (within reason usually) can get a standard University education in America. No, we can't just as easily go to China, India, Japan, the UK, South Korea, or anywhere else to get a quality University education. Unfortunately our primary education is a joke thanks to the public sector.

I can go on. We all know that Bush was evil. America is not utopia, we're all subject to the human element between our shores. Knowing what you have that is good is a long term strategy that will guarentee solid gains. Thriving on negativity will end up with that exact result.

Btw, globalization is a monopolization of government around the world and a danger to humanity. Our government is already too out of touch with the people. The media is too out of touch with the people.

The cartoon I posted was found in the Economist. The Economist is a publication from the U.K. They can admit that our taxpayers are enraged with the Federal fiscal policies of the last 6 months. It's a shame that our own media won't touch it. As a matter of fact, more people showed up to the Cincinatti Tea Party a month ago than the London G-20 protests. The Tea Parties have been very civil, but large. The G-20 protests looked like an anti-cop riot on the streets of Oakland.

It's a shame that the Obama Administration considered libertarians "terrorists". This is a violation of their 1st Amendment rights. Silly Dems are so worried that somebody will refuse to pay their taxes. Truth be told, I'm speaking for myself and those I know. We pay our taxes good and full, Uncle Sam won't have to worry about that.

Most of the protestors are boycotting Congress's spending issues and corruption. It's taxation without representation, dissent is our patriotic duty and silence is consent.

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