Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Tea Parties; the Bittersweet Symphony

Normally I care nothing for politics. My interest is in business.

In my lifetime, politicians have only proved themselves to be nothing more than a pain in the ass. Please allow me to count the ways. Politicians have been so kind to confuse Free Market Economics as collective anarchy which led to deregulation mess and a massive trade deficit. Then to remedy this, they enact these stimulus’s to move the markets. All the markets do is move; they don’t improve because even Keynes said himself that it doesn’t work with a trade deficit. Regardless of what economic model any country goes by, the breakeven point will always determine the success of that economy. And the trade deficit eliminated any growth the dot com sector could come up with, as we found out after the dot com busted. Then politicians are kind enough to spend even more tax dollars to nationalize everything from banks, industries to states to “save the economy”. Does anyone else smell fascism here? Since the idiots in office are pushing for another derivative market, they’re going to attempt to stimulate the economy by increasing the home values again to salvage speculator losses.

For many young adults, we’re screwed. The private sector will not be providing labor or salaries, there’s not much left to pay for the public sector. The real estate market will be unaffordable and salaries down. Sorry, but the public sector isn’t exactly supplying the fruitful salaries required to afford real estate inflated with the derivative sponsored ARM loans. Then add increasing taxes and inflation and we’re screwed.

The dot com sector worked out so well because it was the initial breakthrough of information technology to the main markets. Energy is much riskier. The trouble with energy is that it was monopolized. Alternatives should already have been on the markets. The only trouble is that this is more expensive and we’re in an economic recession. I’m not super sure why these things have to be sponsored by the taxpayers when they could be funded by investors.

Bill Gates is an eco-nut. He loves this stuff. Bill Gates is so eco-friendly that this former richest man in the world lives in a molehill. Why was he heavily vested in Berkshire Hathaway and not solar companies? Why does our current adminstration feel as if it must impose a cap and trade policy which would hurt bystandards aka. employees?

People put their money where their mouth is.

Since I’m sure he sponsors liberal sentiment across this country, or on the west coast. He didn’t get where he’s at by being a “compassionate” liberal. He loves money even more than the next guy which is why he has more of it. But he panders to socialist ideologues because he doesn’t care if anyone else has access to money.

I understand that investors want to keep their money “safe” but they’re willing to gamble like they did during the dot com days.

To me, liberals are the 8th wonder of the world. I was one until my Junior Year in College. Then I retorted back to my liberal ways of thinking until I moved to San Francisco. It was then when I realized that I was a warmongering, moose hunting, Bush loving Republican.

Okay, I was just a little turned off by the never-ending Obama propaganda machine. Well, I was so turned off by the never-ending propaganda machine that I was ready to vote for Bush’s 3rd term. And I hated George W. Bush.

But liberals. They want bigger government. They’re collectivists. I’m biracial. My sole existence is the opposite of collectivism. No one biracial can cling to one group or another. We couldn’t hang out with either of our origins entirely based purely on race. I was never one or the other. We could only hang out with others who identified themselevs as individuals. And this is where I fail to identify with Obama as a biracial American.

Aside from liberals being a collectivist minded, see my 2nd paragraph. I have always found politicians to be nothing more than a royal pain in the ass. Why do I want a bigger government?

Liberals must have absolutely empty lives if they want to consume it entirely with politics. Because if we increased the government even more, they’re going to be the permanent bug up our asses with a freshly engineered version of bullshit every day. There is no good vs. bad politician, they’re all narcissists. One might be smarter than the other. We’re going to be taxed for every coffee bean, god knows what else. Congress imposed a cow fart tax. Excuse me, what the @#$! is that?

And liberals are not the smart they want us to believe. Actually politics isn't rocket science, it just becomes a mess when politically minded people are expected to deal with difficult substances such as financial engineering. But that's besides the point. Educating people or expecting them to respect your opinion in a political mudslinging event is really not the best way to gain knoweledge and yes, people look incredibly confused for doing so.

I don’t care how “enlightened” anyone is with a degree in sociology but you can't be respected intellectually you blame Adam Smith for selling unsecured, fraudulent derivatives. Adam Smith never promoted anarchy, which liberals confuse the free markets as. Without capitalism, these liberals wouldn’t have easy access to yoga mats in the nearest eco-capitalist Whole Foods, the Trader Joes for competitively priced foods, your Mac books, IPods and every other items they indulge themselves in…get real people!

Liberals are screaming politics non-stop all day every day without remorse with empty rhetoric. Are they still screaming at any republican for voting for Bush? I didn’t vote for Bush once, however the republicans who voted for Bush in 2000 and 2004 felt as if he were the lesser of two evils.

And lastly, the reason why I brought up this discussion on liberals is because of their obsession with the Tea Parties. Are we not suffering from the same economy? Anyone who panders to politicians before they pander to the needs of the people are just as corrupt as the politicians themselves.

And since we’re on the topic of redneck bashing, I’m greatly disappointed that Janine Garofalo has turned into white trash. Her daddy was an oil exec; she’s projecting her daddy issues at bystanders in a hurtful way. Here she is flaunting her ignorance on the subject, spreading libel and slander against a group of people who didn't cause the bad economy. Susan Roesgan is another disappointment.

I’m sorry, why are these turkeys prioritizing politicians ahead of people? And why are these liberal talking heads attacking people instead of public figures Fox News and Republican politicians? I have never witness a lack of class like this ever in my life. Well except for the smears on Joe the Plumber, Govenor Palin's family and so forth.

And on that note, if liberals are so concerned about racism, one might note that racism thrives and dictators gain power in bad economies. See segregation, the Chinese exclusion Act, Hitler gained fame though a wartorn Germany, Moussolini had a bad economy to pimp, so did Mao.

With socialism, how do you hold your politicians accountable for their spending? You can’t and they won’t. They will lose that democracy. I understand people worship power through politicians; ironically these are the same politicians that take power away from us.

Liberals have displayed this needy obsessive nature by shoving Obama down my throat on Facebook, at work and in my sleep and waking life during the campaign. Sorry, unlike liberals I'd rather not deal with the melodrama 24/7. I'm only dealing with it now because in my personal life I am forced to. Why do I have to care about Palin's family? Can't they have any privacy? Why can't I be left alone about the irrelevant krap?

Seriously. I work. I play. I cook. I work out. I have to watch classic disney cartoons if I want entertainment. I watch sports. I go out of town on occasion. Sometimes i want to see the news without this garbage. There's no more private sector to create markets. We're stuck until this volatility settles down. And it won't because Obama has to run everything and everything is now stuck on his whims because he now has strings attached to everything from the banks to the states and the public sector on our taxdollars and media continues to force worship. Must we still be hearing the liberals play the racecard and bash Palin's handicapped baby?

Heaven forbid any American should decry excessive government spending and unconstitutional bailouts on the taxpayer dollar!!! I don’t care what color their skin is, I don’t care if they were born with a silver spoon in their mouths or not. They have every right to be upset with this government. Our Congress included. The liberals just showed me in every way that they have no sincere interest in a better economy. I honestly don’t know what they want, I don’t think many know either.

The tea parties were also decried by a few Ron Paul supporters who whined about how the true Tea Parties were hijacked. This isn’t’ exactly the attitude that will get Ron Paul elected for POTUS if that should ever become mathematically possible.

The tea parties were a bittersweet event. Obama finally declared that he was going to cut spending, we will see how that turns out. Unfortunately with the added drama courtesy of useless political opposition, this has become only a bittersweet event.

Actually it was a really nice break to see so many Americans go out and show their love for their country instead of hearing people bash our country to the world. I unfortunately couldn’t attend on the big tax day because I had obligations however I did make it to another one last Saturday.

It was a demonstration that resembled any 4th of July fiesta, but you had to go and see it for yourself. The American media except for Fox news failed to give it a fair representation. Local vendors donated speakers and balloons. It was held outside of a courthouse. Most of them were. A few cops were there to prevent any trouble. There were young adults such as myself present, a few families, children, dogs and seniors there.

I saw a few “I am John Galt” signs. I also saw a few “Don’t tread on me” flags. Honestly, most of the people there were boycotting the spending, especially the bailouts.

I call it a success. Not because Obama said that he'd cut spending. But because during a workday about a million people went out and made sure the MSM and politicians could no longer hide our dissent. Without vandalism, without violence, without riots, hate, or problems; the world finally got to see us.

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