Wednesday, April 22, 2009

David Kellermann & the People who have died during the recent collapse

"This (David Kellermann's death) is at least the fifth high-profile executive suicide in as many months..." David Kellermann is the CFO of Fannie Mae. Yes he worked under Franklin Raines, Obama's first choice for economic advisor prior to his "early retirement" when the institution went under investigation.

1. "In January, German billionaire investor Adolf Merckle, who lost a fortune in shorted Volkswagen stock, threw himself under a commuter train." (he was old, not broke or unhappy)
2."Patrick Rocca, an Irish property investor who lost millions when the real estate market bottomed out, waited until his wife took their children to school before he shot himself in the head." (I think that RE investors were well aware of the coming crash)
3. "Outside Chicago, real estate mogul Steven Good was found dead in his Jaguar, apparently from a self-inflicted gunshot wound." (I think that RE investors were well aware of the coming crash)
4. "And three days before Christmas, Rene-Thierry Magon de la Villehuchet killed himself in his 22nd-floor office in Manhattan. He'd lost his entire savings, and his clients' money, to Madoff's alleged Ponzi scheme."

I want to make a short comment about these deaths. I myself am not an 'insider', myself and a few other business grads could see at least a correction a few years back. The talking heads who predicted it should be commended for their honesty. The media isn't reporting the news, they're promoting and shaping public opinion.

If we knew what was going to happen, these high profile, high net worth powerful people with access to highly educated experts on the aforementioned subject material had to know that this collapse was coming.

I am not one of those people. Through professional experience, I have rubbed shoulders with the like. Please allow me to reiterate on how these people "suffer".

These people "suffer" commercial airlines. They "suffer" expensive taxis.
They "suffer" by going to a less than top notch resort on a getaway. They "suffer" public education, or public anything.

They have the highest quality of healthcare money can buy, psychiatrists, therapists. They spend quite a bit to protect their health. They're pets get better healthcare than many people in the United States. They live in gated communities, where their homes and their families are protected by the best security systems. It's very difficult to imagine that these (probable) narcissists would choose to suffer gunshot wounds or being hit by a train if they can't suffer a taxi.

So, with that being said. What did they know and when did they know it? There are other upcoming risks due to the recent collapse, concerning badly funded Title insurances, etc. Anyone who kept up thus far with the financial collapse is probably suspicious of these events.

Oh there have been other murder suicides with people who are suffering real hardships (like homelessness or the threat of it)becuase of the crash. Then there was that one other realtor guy who faked his death during a pending divorce after he lost everything in the recent crash. These are not suspicious.

My sympathies goes out to the family of David Kellerman and to his 5 year old daughter who won't have a father to raise her.

This week, a girl i knew from high school passed on. She left long before her time because of an accident. The gal had a knack for keeping it real and she is leaving behind broken hearts. The unwanted knews leaves us in shock since we often refuse to acknowledge our morality and the permanent seperation between people.

Not money or anything will bring anybody back. Is a murder worth it? What is a human life worth? Is hate, alienation or inflicting misery on someone else worth a few extra dollars? The money will remain on this green earth when we leave it.

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