Friday, October 17, 2014

OF OIL, NAZIS/RACISM AND METH. Putin called out the Nazis (in Ukraine)- he did the right thing.

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You should always do what's right.  The means is never justified by the end, because dollars only reflect value.

The Dixies, the KKK, the 49ers and the Nazis are THE biggest morons in history.   NEVER in the history of the world were people's own welfare ever benefitted by putting down society's victims.

I've read "rumors" that the CIA Director someone gave $5 BILLION of US Tax payer dollars to con and bribe former communist era officials and their paramilitary grousp with neo-nazi heritage (thank you Victoria Nuland!).
This would pertain to agendas that the Kiev has neonazi ties.

We have a black president.
And neoracism.  In 2014.

Where would kids get the idea?


Just recent months, when this entire Ukraine/Russia tensions popped up - I noticed in my own experience that yes California has tweakers.  Unfortunately.  And if not supplied in the U.S., it comes from Michicoan Mexico?  From Superlabs?  They ship the drugs up to the shores of Santa Barbara County on boats, completely unhindered by law or the border patrol.  This clearly explains why Nazis tolerate Mexicans and nobody else.

I mean it's too obvious for the authorities to not miss, but they purposely ignore it.
Here's the home page.

The Mexicans have been working hard at doing a lot of raunchy junk.  Cartels not only deliver chemical cocktails prepped by homocidal sociopaths, they've attacked Texas oil and smuggled iron ore to the Chinese to give to North Korea to exchange for wheat!  But back to the drugs, meth and Nazis (RACISM) goes hand in hand.  Meth was used extensively by Hitler's German Nazis?   And yes I have reason to believe that there are more Nazi's bred in Simi Valley and the U.S. than in Germany.

How do I know?  I had a rather bad experience with a landlady who was a white tweaker from Kentucky, she had Dixie roots and a Mexican surname, alibi or whatever her sketchy deal is.
In the beginning when I moved in, she started out with the typical shady landlord business, ie. "cash only, no locks on the door because the law doesn't require it...", bait and switches, Jekyll and Hyde behavior, meth use on the property by some guy she was aiding and abetting who was already on probation for meth use (and lied to me completely about it).

I was in a hurry and assumed or maybe HOPED that the law was already sorting out legal issues between landlords and tenants, which made huge news in Santa Barbara Isla Vista before with a massive law suit.  You'd THINK that the landlords would shape up to avoid liabilities after that.
And I was in a hurry because of "Reduced" vacancies for rent when I had temp work- that ended a few weeks later.

So of course, when she got back from her other property to collect rent on her "inherited" property- the morning after I paid my rent in full in cash, honestly (after cleaning and being a good tenant?)- she started freaking out, "you stole my cleaning supplies!  You have 72 hours to get out of here or I call the Asian! You Gay!"  (I'm not even gay but I thanked her for the compliment? I was really shocked that I didn't know what to do at that moment).

So of course, this was illegal, the authorities were notified and bullshitted me to protect her.  They're known for profiling in Santa Barbara, but I'm the "model minority" Asian.  Guess it doesn't matter.

Um, I didn't steal her cleaning supplies.  The Santa Barbara deputies know exactly who she is.   I'm not the first tenant she had that she treated miserably.  Later after I first called the deputies, she started heckling me.  I set up a webcam in my room to monitor her illegally entering and leaving my room that I paid for.

The thing about the racism is that it's institutional.  The authorities were protecting her, I now call them the Tweaker Trash defense league.

I was told by another roommate that she had aided and abetted a meth user, who had just violated parole and left California to go to Oregon to avoid going to prison because he tested negative on his drug test for meth.

There are only laws on the books about tenants bringing hard drugs into the house.  Being that this landlady was already very dishonest?  I monitored my room, not just to protect my stuff from theft but from being framed for drugs (I don't do drugs, I would test negative).  The lack of concern I got from the Tweaker Trash Defense League (TTDL) aka. the Santa Barbara Sheriff's Department scared me even more.

So I already had a housing mediator involved who spent hours after her shift ended writing legally professional and neutral polite letters to the tweaker landlady to communicate, because I wasn't doing it verbally due to her dishonesty.  So I had already made an effort to end it diplomatically.

It didn't work.

A friend of mine from school gave me a Starbucks card to get out of the house during the day when none of the roommates were home.  I played the "scab" ("scabs" as in crossing picket lines during Union lockouts) when I went to the house so I could ignore her heckling and harassment.

One night, after her son and daughter in law were drinking at the house- she was using her grandson to make havoc and run through the hallways until 11pm on a weeknight, keeping me up.  The ill behaved, neglected dogs were not enough of a nuissance for the overpriced rent?  So in anger, I tried my best to keep teh peace at this point but she blew it and I slammed the door.  She LIED AGAIN and accused me of trying to attack her kid (he was in the hallway- she again illegally entered my room and physically attacked me.  So I yelled and not only chased her out of my room- but out of her own house - she and I both called the cops.

The idiot deputy told me that I would move out the next day and that I would get my prorated rent back.  He LIED.  The Housing mediator lied about my prorated rent too.

I moved out the next week with a "Peace Officer" TTDL and I NEVER got my prorated rent money back.  I do have room to sue her for harrassment, intentional inflictment of emtional harm- discrimination--- the idiot lawyers said, "It's only $400".

You know what?  After the horrible experience I had with RACIAL discrimination in the U.S. post 9/11 JOB MARKET puts me in financial hardship anyways?   I NEEDED THAT $400!!!

I got NO protection from the state after acting as a decent character.

The cops were protecting the tweaker. Partially because they want to keep the housing market overvalued?  So boomer garbage can rob propel in need of shelter.

Even more disgusting, my own dad who is white?  He is the ultimate blood thirsty backstabbing sycophant.  He and my mom beat the living shit out of me since I was a baby, leaving bloody scars and accusing me of trouble for existing and a bunch of other horrible things control freaks do.  My mother is the nasty tiger mom from hell and my dad joins in on the beatings because he obviously enjoys that power trip.

This summer, I had to move back in with them for financial support because of this HORRIBLE economy, the Cloward Piven white BOOMER GARBAGE refuses to let me fend for myself.   My dad blocked me from taking the psycho to civil court where I was told to go to in order to get my money back.

Back during the Rodney King Riots, the authorities in LA provoked black hatred at the Koreans to protect Beverly Hills. Of course the Koreans lost $400 million in damages to their MODEST lifelines, 56 deaths and of course no FEMA, no aid, no bailouts.  They got stiffed for police action by the LAPD.

I was left hanging like they Koreans were during the Rodney King riots.  After I was held to high standards of behavior and ethics with a death grip and nasty treatment towards minorities in RACIST Ohio and the RACIST shit hick towns that the military bases sit by; I was robbed of help. I was betrayed.  I was not just let down-

But later on,  I keep hearing more about this form of RACISM from people in white areas.  They're meth friendly.   Just like Simi Valley (where Rodney King was beaten) and Goleta.

Arizona school teacher fired in Apache Junction for defending black student from racism.  That town is full of tweakers.

Today, in Los Angeles there were nooses hung by a public school.
Excuse me.  Why are we paying property taxes?  The white kids in California alone  have less than a 50% passing rate on national proficiency exams.  This is the utopia that the white boomer junkie garbage has always wanted for this country.  The affirmative action tax break latinos are at a whopping 14% and blacks at 4%.  YET THEY DO DRUGS IN CLASS.

So enough of THAT tangent.

What does this have to do with oil?  Ask Victoria Nuland how much money was given to Neo-Nazi Kieves in the Ukraine to hinder Russia's export of natural gas to European countries right before they signed a trade pact with China for natural gas.

Putin is only trying to keep the supply up, which we need during STAGFLATION and growing markets that push up the demand for energy regardless.

Okay the dimwits proved that nothing ever got better by embracing that hate.  Dixies, Nazis, KKK- their academic and professional performance was a joke.  Koreans advanced in this country despite what the racists whites, latinos and blacks have put them through.   Koreans are the best techies followed by the Netherlands (who don't openly make a show about hate) and the Germans (they disassociate with Hitler, go over and beyond the call of duty to tolerate people and show sincere regrets for Hitler- they treated SHY Asians very well in the U.S. and I do think there are more Nazis bred in the US than in Germany).  

Of course, the hook line and sinker would probably be meth which explains the irrationality.

Then you have the pointless hate on Jews.
Jews are not perfect.  Neither are WASPS. Neither are Asians, Blacks, Latinos or anybody else.
Guess what? We're individuals.
WASP down the street can't be held responsible for the WASPs in the high offices.
Asians in your school have no control over what the Chinese government does.
The same thing goes for Jews.  I've seen Jewish people from both NY and Los Angeles get along with and treat Muslims well.  Even if it's "for money"- if Jews are treating well the political "enemies" for their motherland; guess what?  Myself the Peanut Gallery will follow their lead and treat the Muslims well.  This they did right.


Los Angeles and NYC both host 169 dialects. There are many nationalities, languages and cultures within that group.   Immigrants who come here from all over the world, who have nothing in common with each other- they treat each other fine.
Its' the Americans who treat each other and everyone else like krap.  When you come to the coast and see it- you will notice what a pile of assclowns we look like because of this arrogance in the utopia the warmongering beatniks have always dreamed of.

It's time to knock it off and stop hating yourselves.  It's time to lose the drugs too.  The drugs + racism isn't going to do geopolitical economic issues any good.  As a matter of fact, it's taking this recession into another level of Dante's Inferno that has not previously existed...

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The US PR paid off rumble about Putin, yet again. The

I was blocked from commenting on Bloomberg.  

Today they worked with the paid off smear artists to make noise about Putin.

"Cheap oil is Putin's worse enemy".

No.  Cheap oil is Saudi's enemy?   The US NEEDS cheap oil, especially if we're importing it during quantitative easing.

Cheap natural gas is the enemy of natural gas companies in Texas whom many have bought puts against in record numbers during September of 2014.

China and Russia signed a natural gas deal that would drop natural gas prices.

Remember, increasing supply drops prices.  Joe Biden knows, his son Hunter Biden is on the board of directors to Ukraine's largest gas producer.

If the Ruble goes down on oil, the natural gas export would be cheaper and easier to export to China AND South Africa now.

The US Natural Gas companies could've bought Rubles, hedged in multinational facilities, etc.
It all would've saved them money from buying Congress off to squeal about the international price of natural gas.