Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The US PR paid off rumble about Putin, yet again. The

I was blocked from commenting on Bloomberg.  

Today they worked with the paid off smear artists to make noise about Putin.

"Cheap oil is Putin's worse enemy".

No.  Cheap oil is Saudi's enemy?   The US NEEDS cheap oil, especially if we're importing it during quantitative easing.

Cheap natural gas is the enemy of natural gas companies in Texas whom many have bought puts against in record numbers during September of 2014.

China and Russia signed a natural gas deal that would drop natural gas prices.

Remember, increasing supply drops prices.  Joe Biden knows, his son Hunter Biden is on the board of directors to Ukraine's largest gas producer.

If the Ruble goes down on oil, the natural gas export would be cheaper and easier to export to China AND South Africa now.

The US Natural Gas companies could've bought Rubles, hedged in multinational facilities, etc.
It all would've saved them money from buying Congress off to squeal about the international price of natural gas.

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