Thursday, July 24, 2014

California's "Drought"

Has anyone heard of California's "drought"? 
Bob Poole, a spokesman for Santa Maria Energy, a small oil producer in Santa Barbara County, said that oil companies must navigate the politics of drought in California. Santa Maria is planning to build an eight-mile pipeline to bring treated wastewater to its oil fields, where it injects steam and gas into rock to push out the oil in a process known as cyclic steaming.
The company chose to use treated wastewater, which is cheaper than freshwater, Mr. Poole said, adding, “We also felt that it was very important politically.”
In Kern County, oil producers and farmers have coexisted peacefully for decades, but that balance has changed in recent years. Advances in drilling technology have led oil companies to move into agricultural areas. In Shafter, just north of here, dozens of new oil fields are next to almond orchards and other crops. The possible eventual exploitation of a huge untapped oil reserve called the Monterey Shale, which lies under Kern County’s prime farmland, could mean the kind of intense fracking carried out in Texas and North Dakota.

Water is now a speculative commodity. Couldn't be possible without TARP and Quantitative Easing 0% margins--- Gray Davis's energy scandal is a petty minor issue compared to this. 

Started by the Aussies, who export raw goods to CHina- and are not known to be the sharpest tools in the shed. 
"Waterfind’s service works much like any other electronic futures exchange, with a few twists. The firm does not have a formal clearinghouse, as U.S. exchanges do, but one of its units acts in that capacity. The wide variety of custom delivery dates, locations, and prices on the contracts recall what’s known on Wall Street as a “bespoke, over-the-counter” derivatives market, where banks design financial contracts to specific requirements of the buyers or sellers. Unlike those markets, however, Waterfind displays quotes to all parties—one of the defining traits of an exchange. Waterfind also acts as a broker on some of the trades, though the majority of its clients now trade on their own."

All of the boomer realtors and flippers wanted Quantitative Easing.  The bull**** part is that their karma is a negative externality. 

Capital for QE from Federal Reserve US Treasury/Gov't Bond holdings (yields&interest-from taxpayers); not just printing.

There's still so much to say.  There's no waiting it out, the boomers believe the mass media garbage over people who have either witness this junk from the peanut gallery or had to suffer as a result of the negative externalities.

The double edged sword for Quantitative Easing against the US Citizen/Taxpayer is muffled by the press.  The Politicrats, including Clintonites and Obama sock puppet armies and Ron Pauls' sock puppet armies dwell on a fallacy of false outcomes.  Omitting facts.  Red herrings (ie. "Religious views").  It's ironic that Bristol Palin is no fan of the sodomites and vice versa yet she was seen partying at the Saddle Ranch on the Sunset Strop.  Fred Phelps held fundraisers for Al Gore.  At his house.

The reason why I'm not a Libertarian in full is because I know that the currencies are only what people make of it.  The true value of a currency is a genuine litmus and indicator of how democratic the government or society is.  People who exchange and barter accept the currency, but only by law.

As of now, Foreign governments have bought US Treasuries and Dollars.  OPEC has purchased US Treasuries through London Banks.   On the same note, China still has a barrier to the US financial sector.
During the Vietnam War, Nixon took the U.S. off of the Gold Standard to "finance Vietnam".  The very second he took the USD off of the Gold Standard,

WE have NOTHING in our Private Sector business backed investmenst/GDP in comparison to the world- the U.S. is 146 out of 150?

So what is the result of this lack of investment?

Now back to the Federal Reserve Bullshit Factory:

For starters, Clinton lost during the Multilateral Investment Agreement between the U.S. and China circa 1995.
Clinton who was good friends with Nixon- couldn't get the Chinese to remove it's barrier to the U.S. financial sector.
Maurice Greenberg of AIG was able to sell insurance to the Chinese.  The business teams for Avatar, Avengers and Transformers were able to negotiate terms in which they can market their products in China and they netted a billion in less than 2 weeks.  They have all done better than Wall Street; yet the immensely horrible leadership on Wall Street failed to set anyone up for success in the GLOBAL market.  Especially when they took money from taxpayers and handed it over to criminals.  At our expense.

The HFTs makin' floor traders BILLION!  At the taxpayer expense.  BILLIONS!
Nobody's working.

The baby boomers are now the voting majority, they're sticking their COLLECTIVE heads in the sand because they don't want the overinflated marketvalue of their homes to go down so they can keep robbing people like myself in need of shelter during STAGFLATION.

"More recently, however, a major source of financial strains has been uncertainty about developments in Europe. These strains are most problematic for the Europeans, of course, but through global trade and financial linkages, the effects of the European situation on the U.S. economy are significant as well. Some recent policy proposals in Europe have been quite constructive, in my view, and I urge our European colleagues to press ahead with policy initiatives to resolve the crisis"