Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tea Party protestors &. Anti-Capitalists need to come together

I wrote Arianna Huffington a nice letter asking her to sacrifice everything in her daily life that benefits her; that she gets only in a capitalist system.

Before I go on; it needs to be said. Free Market Capitalism works with individualism, not collectivism. If anyone is familiar with Ayn Rand, the "origional libertarian" she is an objectivist libertarian. Libertarian party holds somewhat of a collective anarchy ideologue to their political stance. This runs a little deeper than taxes or just the two party system. Our far right have pushed anarchy in the forms of deregulation. The individualists, including Ayn Rand will admit that a Free Market needs to be regulated objectively. Some might call that common sense. It also convinces me that Ayn Rand is more relevant than anyone suspected, and cleverly so.

Regardless, back to Ms. Huffington of the Huffington Post. In her diatribes, she irrelevantely blames Adam Smith for writing unsecured derivatives; thus making a fool of her self and Columbia University, the institution where she "earned" her masters in Economics. Not only that, she purposely misinforms the public, probably for her own profit motive and i see a lack of jounalistic integrity. I am convince that she does not comprehend how the fundamentals of economics works. She can do a lot of good as a left winged commentator on economics, there is plenty that she should be critiquing the right for. See the anarchy vs. objective regulation argument.

Fraud happens in any system. Socialism increases government control. This is dangerous when infact it was our government that deregulated the markets and socialized the banks only at their convenience to protect their campaign contributors. \

Regardless, I dared Arianna Huffington to sacrifice EVERYTHING she has benefited from on behalf of the "evil" capitalist system. Let's start out with her pick in primary care physicians. Her choice of insurance plants. Her Real Estate investments. Her competative mortgage brokers. Her competative financial advisors. Her competative assistants. Her competative salaries. The capitalist market in which she can sell her journalism and books. The vast varieties and competative selection of Universities. Trader Joes, Smart and Final and grociers that can compete for lower prices. Her Blackberry, another product of the "evil" capitalist system. Her computer, her webcam/softwares/etc., her competative banking products, the formula for the dye in her hair, her prescriptions, her over the counter medicines, her online travel agent...honestly if it were not for capitalism Arianna wouldn't have the life she has today.

Look at her actions, not her words alone. Anyone who knowingly blames the system and not the criminals (the bankers who sold fraudulent derivatives) is an accomplice to their crimes. And yes, they're like Jesse Owens bragging about winning the Special Olympics. It's so remedial that it's quite embarrassing. And yes, I'm referring to Mr. Krugman.

American citizens already pay $1.34 trillion dollars in income taxes while banks pay a measely $300 billion. But all they have to do is bribe the politicians directly in order to take over the markets in their favor, at our expense. This is called corruption, it will happen again in either a capitalist or a socialist government and it requires a different solution.

Most protestors you will see on the news tomorrow will be calling out the spending done by our government. This is the result of the bailout which only started at the end of the Bush presidency. This is neither the fault of the left or the right but by both parties. Then to Obama who promised to fix things. Instead he spent $7 trillion dollars in less than 3 months.

It would be irrational, irrelevant and wrong to blame the left for Obama's spending. They have no control over what he does once he is elected into office. I only want to ding them over the head with a doubled up lead induced Nerf tube.

Not to hurt anyone, just to get my frusterations out. And the left; with their Ipods vending machines, Macbooks, IPhones, blackberries, cellular phones, competative cable providers, trader joe shopping eco-capitalists.... have absolutely no idea what they're talking about when they preach the "Evils" of capitalism in pollution when they drive around in a gas guzzler with a "save Tahoe" sticker on the bumper. People are silly. Who would you rather be in charge of your personal finances? You or Nancy Pelosi and the plight of 500 million jobs? Most people are picky with their bankers or food servers if that.

Be careful what you wish for.

And again, I'm also fed up with both liberals and libertarians bashing America. Absolutely fed up! Our tax dollars have provided aid all over the world. Those military people sailing the world provide a lot of medical attention to people in impovershed countries. At the G-20 summit meeting, we gave $700 billion dollars to the IMF (kicking and screaming). Americans is a country of immigrants, a refuge. Of course we prefer civility, but we want it done LEGALLY. The US consumes goods from all over the world as we share our innovations throught out. The recent globalization is going to come with serious hiccups. The WTO being one of them. It's rediculous to not see that coming. Not only do we break our banks by buying imports from the world, we also pay a lot of interest on them too!

Look at the world.

After the innovation of electricity, modern medicine, transportation and the age of information technology; less than a century later the world experiences an increase in the quality of life.

The liberals and libertarians' tactic of America bashing is turning a deaf ear. Yes we have problems. But you're killing the good and missing the bad.

Isn't it better to come up with constructive ideas on how to fix something than constantly berating it to the world? What gangsta rapper bags his crew to everyone else? He chose to be a part of that gang, he has to take pride in his choice.

What Pro-athlete bashes his own team to the conference? Does anyone see how rediculous taht is?

Americans are unhappy with the way our country is run, however I am an American and I need to do my part in fixing the problem. The first step is to acknowledge the problem. That's where the protests, the vlogging and the blogging comes in. People everywhere are trying something.

Americans are not on the same page. Typically liberals and republicans are seeking different outcomes to a situation. But we should be able to agree on what the problem is. Right now, we're not even on the same page. The left prefers a socialism as a solution but they mistaken capitalism as the culprit of the banking collapse. Again, they're blaming an individualistic system that was not in place when the incident occured. The right prefers more freedom and more freedom from taxation. But then again, the far, far right blames the Federal Reserve for Congress' compulsive spending habits. Ron Paul is a nice guy but he isn't pulling it together.

Politicians can't be trusted to educate anyone on economics. I encourage everyone to take basic economics courses if it is at all possible, before hearing the spin from either side. Coursework will help people verbalize their own stance on the issues.

To fix our country, to carry out a righteous revolution; the people must identify their own stance for themselves. If you reap the rewards and responsibility for your actions, wouldn't it be right that you make your own choices in life?

If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything.

I'm also encouraging libertarians, republicans and centrist republicans such as myself to embrace the left during the protests. Libertarians are happy to patronize the conservative movement with leftist tactics (ie. drug policy, anti-war stance, spending, etc.)This will prove to be slightly difficult, however it would be the right thing to do.

Lovely Ms. Huffington and other goofy hacks and shills; including Mr. Krugman are making a big stink about the tea parties; calling the far right "radicals". There are even rumors about the FBI going around scapegoating the protestors at these Tea Parties; witchhunting for radicals. If you've been living in a cave or out of the country, libertarians or the "far right" have been unfairly called "terrorists" by the Obama administration.

We're in this together.

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  1. "The capitalist market in which she can sell her journalism and books"

    Hehe you reminded me of the irony that Che Guevara's face is now sold on T-shirts; he'd turn in his grave, not that I'm a huge fan.

    "Libertarians are happy to patronize the conservative movement with leftist tactics"

    Really? If it's leftist to support liberty, then I guess I'm a leftist. (sigh) I don't think anyone's being patronised.

    True laissez-faire government extends beyond economic policy; if people can be trusted to do what they want with money, then why not with their personal lives?

    I don't think the left-right paradigm sums up what's going on today - more like liberty versus tyranny. And on that one we can all unite.