Sunday, April 19, 2009

The trainwreck that is the Liberally biased MainStream media

What I detest about the MSM is their low attacks on non-public figures. They have done this to Govenor Palin's family and "Joe the Plumber" during the 2008 campaign. Now they've called Libertarians "terrorists" and desperately attempted to smear the Tea Parties as a measure to defend Obama.

News sources often smear public figures, such as a politicians, experts or other talking heads that represent opposition to gain insight on a news story.

Smearing private individuals by media outlets cause intentional harm and damage, not to mention completely it's completely irrelevant to the topic.

Susan Roesgen of CNN took her anger at Fox News and berated demonstrators in the smear attempt.

She antagonized two men, one holding a sign depicting Obama as Hitler and the other holding his 2 year old child at the Chicago Tea Party (I posted a video clip of the interviews below).

Are they any dumber than the people who attended Obama rallies? They're not expert historians, CEO's, politicians, public relations experts or the like. They're just regular people exercising their 1st Amendment Rights.

Did these protestors sell fraudulent derivatives? Did they sell bad ARM loans? Did they bankrupt GM or Goldman Sachs?


Why did this crazy lady feel the need to lash out at them, nothing they did provoked her hysteria or caused her harm in any way.

The concerning part is that Obama on some level is using taxpayer dollars to sponsor this type of coverage. It is wierd is that Obama is using taxpayer dollars to control banks, industries and the states. At this point, I am convinced that he is a facist, but that's another blog.

Susan Roesgen of CNN isnt' the only one on the hotspot this week. Honorary mentions also include Janine Garofalo and Anderson Cooper. And since when did Arianna Huffington become a socialist? How credible is she when she portrays schitzophrenic views on the economy. What is going on with Hollywood and the Media? Are they expecting or did they receive a healthy paycheck for doing this? It's wierd.

Almost a million people came out during a workday to protest the bailouts and the recent policies. And I'm happy that so many people did. With the internet people can do a bit of citizen journalism and get a more accurate story on the event. A million "radical" protest resulted in no violence, no vandalism, no riots, no fights... apparently the MSM was upset that they couldn't hide it. I uploaded videos and added Youtube links to demostrate the intentional libel and slander by these "news sources".

Susan Roesgen of CNN needs to be fired.

What CNN didn't show you, behind the scenes.

Susan Roesgen thinks that Obama Hitler bad but Bush Hitler is good

The recently indoctrined Obama Defense League spokesperson Collectivist Janine Garofalo on Countdown with Keith Olbermann.

She discriminates against Tea Party Protestors and generalizes them on "behalf of civil rights". It's good of her to acknoweldge the severity of the global economic problems and to empathize victims before she stirs more melodrama. This is a prime example of how not to make friends and influence people. I have a lot of unkind things to say about her which I will leave out. She is a narcissist with no true insight or knowledge to the Tea Parties, history, economics, finance, business or anything worthwhile.

On that note, I'm biracial just like Obama. The racecard is played out.

I'm just posting youtube links from here.

In this one, dirtbag Anderson Cooper ridicules the Tea Parties.

On a different note: the youtube links show what really went on at the Tea Parties.

The Booing of Republican South Carolina Congressman Barrett for signing the bailout.

Tea Parties: the Unsilent Majorities in:

New Jersey

Columbus Ohio

Canton Ohio

5000 showed up to Cincinatti Ohio

Toledo Ohio

Dover New Hampshire

Port St. Lucie Florida


Van Nuys (quite outspoken)

Santa Monica

Santa Ana

crazy rednecks in San Francisco


Gorgeous Denver

Annapolis MD

Washington D.C. (they threw a box of tea over the Whitehouse fence and had guards roaming the streets)

Albany NY

Tea PArty the Big Apple, of course documented by a woman who calls herself "Atlas Shrugged"

Boston MA

Chicago Illinois

And more...

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  1. The establishment is getting scared so they'll go to any length to discredit the protestors: calling them terrorists, Bush supporters, racist, you name it. The founding fathers, at first, were probably mocked in a similar way by King George...