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Obama Represents the interests of a particular Israel hating tycoon. When nothing makes sense, FOLLOW THE MONEY!

People know this, and I still want to point this out.

In the last few years, the world seems to have flipped upside down. The economy is in the krapper and the media and political infatuation with Obama only makes Kim Jung Ill look shy.

There are a few things that are obvious yet need to be noted.

1. The purpose of today's media is not to report the news (that would require a degree of objectivity which does not exist in today's news sources). The purpose of the media is to shape public opinion.

A perfect example. Rasmussen polls cite that 1/4 Americans personally know a Tea Party protestor.

However, most Americans don't know of one individual who was affected by this swine flu.

Rasmussen polls also cite the disconnect between the political elite and the American people ont he bailouts. Again follow the money, our Congress was lobbied well to rob the taxpayers for their welfare. Congress is a joke. Republicans, libertarians and democrats; they're are all the same.

This is the media hype, again Rasmussen polls cite a different perception by the American people (more evidence that the media is not representing us accurately).

Rasmussen polls also cite that 53% of Americans believe that the next POTUS will be a Republican.

Note the recent talking heads like Arianna Huffington and Paul Krugman are blaming capitalism for the woes of this country. Not one of them can defend this with any sort of rationale or logic.

"Monday, April 27, 2009 -Seventy-seven percent (77%) of U.S. voters say that they prefer a free market economy over a government-managed economy. That’s up seven points since December."

The good news is that Americans can see this for themselves.

This also applies to the neocons, whom I will call collectivist anarchists. Abortions and gay marraige are not the problems of our country. No the minorities did not cause the subprime crisis when 72% of ARM borrowers were caucasians. These are red herrings.

The republican party is shrinking due to this. They're not becoming liberals, they're becoming independants. I also believe that libertarians are closeted synchophants (explained in this article) but i still don't blame people for moving in that direction politically.

2. Astroturf is a heavily financed movement under the guise of a grassroots movement.

Obama's initial campaign was origionally a grassroots movement. But these grassroots movements in time reveal heavy funding, with strings attached of course. There was little opinion against Iraq until money backed it. There was little opinion against Israel until money backed it.

The effects of the current "liberal" takeover of our political environment could be summed up by a post I found that was written 4 years ago during Kerry's campaign.

“By the time this election year ends, George Soros will have contributed more than $13 million to the independent political groups known as 527's. (The term is shorthand for the section of the tax code that makes them legal.) For this reason, Republicans insist that the 74-year-old Soros, who may become the largest single political contributor in history, has resolved to buy the Democratic Party…''If you're a 32-year-old state legislator and you're a conservative, you get to go through all these philosophical trainings,'' Rosenberg said. ''You get all these organizations that are trying to put you through their leadership institutes. You get all these groups sending you their materials. 'Now, you're a 32-year-old Democratic state legislator,and what you do is you learn how to check boxes,'' he continued. ''You learn how to become pro-choice. You learn how to become pro-labor. You learn how to become pro-trial lawyer. You learn how to become pro-environment. And you end up, in that process, with no broad philosophical basis. You end up with no ideas about national security. You end up with no ideas about American history and political theory. You end up, frankly, with no ideas about macroeconomics and economic policy, other than that it's scary.''”

The Onion is a spoof, they articulated the reality of the Obama campaign.

Personally I've always found love for politicians awfully strange. I've found obsession with rock stars strange too. They're just public figures, doctors and good teachers are much more beneficial to society that politicians are. People are in love with power and motivated by money. Which is why the Obama campaign struck me wierd. Where was this money coming from?

It's like, "Yay! We no longer have a WASP in the White House". He gives these 40 minute speeches, but what makes him a "great President"?

Soros hates Israel and he hates Dubya. Which is great, but why drag the entire country through the mud for his own agenda? These tycoons, they think the world has to revolve around him. All he needs is a bunch of liberal non-profits, also labeled as 527's (as a tax structure) eating out of his pockets so he can move on with his agendas.

He is heavily involved with groups such as the Democratic Alliance and The Conservative Message Machine Money Matrix who have provided the left winged non-profits with a lot of cash during the Bush Administration.

Soros is a shady character. He was a Halocaust refugee who came to America and made himself a billionaire. He must have had something up his sleeve because you need money to make money. It's quite impressive for a first generation immigrant to rise to such heights unless you had some spare change to invest.

He seems to have the inside tips, he's not upfront about his insight. He made money off of several disasters, including the crash of the British pound in the 90's and the money he made off of "predicting" the recent subprime collapse. Remember, tycoons such as Soros or Warren Buffett speak in self interest. Self interest is what made them disgustingly wealthy to begin with.

Soros is highly influential and his ideas are destructive to the American economy. He wants socialism. America is bankrupt, we can't afford socialism. Soros knows better.

Most businessmen bribe Congress or take advantage (like cheating) to get ahead in America's markets. They're concerned about the size of their own wallets, not the economy as a whole. We listen to them because we're forced to (due to macroeconomic conditions). Who are they funding, how do they plan on shaping the world and how are we supposed to adjust to their game?

Now watch how the political parties shift around Soro's influence.
Liberals are still blaming Bush for everything. The campaign was over months ago. Anyone who opposes any of Obama's agendas is accused of voting for Bush twice. Or of Racism as Janine Garafalo points out. BTW, Janine Garafalo's father is an oil exec. Janine Garafalo is thereby a closet neocon.

Blaming Bush and scapegoating republicans is the liberal crutch. Financially speaking, this is saying "I want handouts by the Soros administration!". They're also retorting to bullyish tactics by calling right winged partiers "extremists" and smearing bailout demostrators (aka. "Teabaggers"). In no world of rational thinking can any of this be considered true.

The Libertarians are playing their "anti-war" card rather agressively here. Without pure logic, libertarians are playing the liberals' card by using their positions as "anti-Israel" and "anti-war". This has no base in ethics, it's completely self serving. Israel isn't run by saints and Palistine isn't full of them either.

Republicans are still baiting on evangelical beliefs with plenty of sell outs in Congress. They're the chosen enemy to the Obama campaign.

Wikipedia says, "Neocons support using U.S. power, including military force, to bring democracy and human rights to other countries, seeing this as virtuous or even morally obligatory"

This group portrays themselves through evangelical beliefs (which in my own opinion are collectivist-aka. racist); again citing abortions and gay rights to be the downfall of America. This is not a true conservative way of thinking, as such individual liberties should be protected above all else. They're also market anarchists, not laissez faire free market capitalists. Gramm reveals this by authoring the Commodities Futures Modernization Act and Deregulation. On that note, trade with China is not free trade or replica of a "free market" because China (backed by the WTO) enforces trade policies against the U.S.

Laissez Faire means that "your rights begin where mine ends", which obviously requires regulation. LAISSEZ FAIRE FREE MARKET ECONOMICS IS NOT ANARCHY!

Myself, I support a military defense (over UHC) but I don't support banning abortions or gay marraige. Labeling anyone like myself as a RINO is an ad hominem, a fallacy.

I'm one of those people who is strongly convinced that the trade deficit, outsourcing and offshoring led to America's bad economy. Soros claims that the cap and trade thing is going to be a big hit. Again, I call him an insider without insight. Hello! What is a multiplier effect Soros? Dummy will be the only one who will be able to afford the hikes in energy prices when this hostile policy to businesses comes into effect. It's up to him to prop the energy source to make it profitable because the American people are not in a position to do so (with a weakened private sector). Since Soros wants socialism, we should only tax the Quantum Fund for Obama's stimulus with no strings attached. If he (and Bill Gates) thinks that cap and trade is going to a financial success based on science fiction, then they should relieve taxpayers of the burden.

As a republican, I'd rather fix my own party because I'm not a liberal. I've actually made a lot more money just by having a degree and working in the private sector than pandering to any political clauses or "trends".

Liberals make a huge mistake. Judge a man by his actions, not his words.

3. Obama is the race card. The author of this blog is biracial and I have every legitimate base to call it out. My own belief in individual liberties (vs. collective) is enforced consistantly through the biracial existance. Obama knows too well the reality check that I'm referring to.

As per his 100 day mark; Obama received an approval rating from 96% of African Americans
and 85% of Latinos.

Blogger dot com won't allow me to upload the chart.

The only thing they can cite is his skin color. I'm not kidding! I've seen people wearing shirts that say "My President is Black", not "A black president made the US a success".

It's the people, not the politicians or financiers that make America great.

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