Thursday, May 21, 2009

Rattansi Show- Audience discusses Capitalism. MUST SEE!

Rattansi has the best going commentary in the world. He is the best. People in the U.K. have it so well, not because you have socialism but because your press upholds enough freedom to objectively discuss a matter at an intellectual (vs. pseudo-intellectual) level on matters that are relevant to current events. We have a few honest individuals here, Schiff was the only talking head who was able to appear on the MSM. And that's because his following made him desirable enough to advertisers. The rest are censored. The video was chopped off into 3 different segments. Rattansi holds a talkshow like panel to weigh the morality, pros and cons of Capitalism. As an American citizen, again I can't express enough my appreciation to the absense of MSM or Fox news' take on the subject.


  1. Thanks for the UK media compliment (not so sure it holds true unfortunately), but that program is on Press TV - an Iranian network, not a British one. :D

    I don't bother with TV news anymore, but if more programming like that was actually shown in Britain, I might reconsider.

    You know something's wrong when the best MSM coverage comes from English language Iranian and Russian (eg Russia Today) networks...

  2. The very best we get here is the Financial Times and the Economist, which does come out of the UK. The WSJ is owned by Murdoch, but it with Bloomberg serves it's purpose between shill attacks.
    Forget about CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, ABC, CBS and the other propoganda machines.