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the epiphany that ties big pharma to the drug lords

Update: on 9/29/2014 (yesterday) Zerohedge compares drug lords to bankers, nice history lesson on the Pablo Escobar.

I’m giving my own perspective, maybe to get it off my chest about my distaste of the drug trade in light of my personal dealings with big pharma and being STUCK with a tweaker landlady.
What you put into your body is your own business, peer pressure shouldn’t change that.  
The illegal drug business is a multibillion dollar sector.   While people cry bloody murder on big pharma’s tactics, you have to ask yourself:  “Where did big pharma get the bright idea that the original flowerchildren baby boomers will toss any chemical at their problems?” 
Back in the day LSD was legal and so were a bunch of other things and it was banned for some reason.
It’s laughable that the boomers , led by the Sick Cult of John Lennon worship would believe a rich heroine’s stance on “non-materialism” from his penthouse in NYC, yacht, etc.
People want to like their lives, I get it.  I want to like myself too.  The problem I have with the illegal drug trade is that it’s affecting others.   No stoners cannot drive.  Tweakers and nasty people. 

But since the boomers existed, the recreational mind candy sector has evolved into a multibillion dollar sector.

You would not believe that the infamous Pablo Escobar was wealthier than Mark Zuckerberg.
The guy was worth approximately $30 billion U.S. Pesos.   If you thought that aggressive businessmen who became CEO’s were the devil, drug lords are worse. 

If you thought that wars were bad because of collateral damage?

If you think that Russian’s recent assassination in Turkey of a Crimean was bad?

Drug lords murdered many MANY more people. 
When Pablo was alive and his cartel was thriving, he employed ten accountants to help launder hundreds of millions of dollars in illicit currency. He reportedly spent $2500 a month just on rubber bands to wrap all the money. That's enough to buy 250,000 rubber bands every month. Because much of the money was being stored in basements and walls, Pablo was supposedly forced to write off $500 million in cash every year due to spoilage. Spoilage could include water damage and fires, but more common was starving rats that ate the money thinking it was food.  

“Amado Carrillo Fuentes net worth: Amado Carrillo Fuentes “Lord of the Skies” was prolific Mexican drug lord who had a peak net worth of $25 billion.”

He was the largest dealer during the 90’s, first to utilize private Boeing 727 jets to cart the drugs to the U.S. 
So what are the secrets to this man’s success?   It wasn’t a degree in bioengineering.  Not a doctorate in marketing. 

Fuentes became head of the infamous Juarez drug cartel after murdering his former mentor and boss Rafael Aguilar Guajardo.
The addiction factor to these recreational drugs is the price inelastic demand that made these men richer than almost God himself.
“Narquitectura: Inside the Fortified Palaces of Mexico’s Drug Lords”

So where did ALL of this money come from? 

This money came from the U.S.!!!
IT became notorious during since the boomers rallied during the Summer of Love, the 80’s  going forward.  

Americans in the U.S. are the geniuses that consume chemical cocktail concoctions prepared by homicidal maniacs WITH NO QUALITY CONTROL, then turn around and whine about Monsanto. 

Look, where would Monsanto get the bright idea that U.S. citizens would ingest, literally anything?

Where would food makers get the idea that we love mystery gluten that comes from another country (China) in our carbs?  The law states that the food producers need to require the country that the food was prepared/processed in, but they don’t have to disclose where the food processor got their ingredients.

Where would big pharma get the bright idea that U.S. citizens again, would dump poisons at their own bodies?   U.S. citizens got hooked on Meth without pushing for a non-addictive substance that would cause them to feel good.  Duhmericans snort baby laxatives and possum dewormers in their cocaine and probably crack.

Today.  I’m trying to get out of a short lease because of drugs.  In Goleta, I’m not sure if the law states that landlords can do drugs on the property?  Goleta outside of it’s athletes- Goleta is a shady seedy town and it is way overpriced.   

The cops seem to be covering it up, probably because the housing market bubble is way past due to pop.  From what I understood of the law, the tenants have a right to live in a drug free property.  The law details what landlords can do about tenants that do drugs.  On the contrary, it does not elaborate on what tenants can do about landlords who aid and abet meth users (and may probably be on meth herself- her nasty psychosis is a dead giveaway).

The dweller had a relationship with the landlord who allowed him to stay on the property rent free, feed him, etc. while he was on probation.  I was told that he was on probation for a DUI.  Which is highly unlikely.   I was told by another roommate that the man fled the state of California when he tested negative for meth use by the probation officers. 

On that note, the probation officers didn’t seem to care that people were living on the property.  

The authorities and neighbors overlooked this.

The landlady had no business exposing us to meth on the property, especially since there were no locks on the doors.  She is a very volatile, nasty tempered piece of **** with absolutely no respect or concepts of boundaries. 

One morning, I thought I was doing okay.  I cleaned, I paid rent on time, etc.  And she flew off the handle and accused me of stealing her cleaning supplies.   I did not. 

She started screaming, “you Asian!  You gay!  You’re never going to have children!  No wonder why you’re unemployed” – then she proceeded to  threaten me with a 72 hour eviction notice.   Which she can't do because it's illegal.  So she has been literally obsessed with creating false accusations against me (ranging from "keying her truck" without a scratch on it) to find reason to keep my money and chase me out.

She stalks me.  I'm flattered that she has put her heart and soul into "defining" her unprovoked demise against me after I paid her rent.

From what I heard about meth, it can keep people tolerant of alcohol longer.  Also, it causes psychosis.  Where even the flowers will be attacked.

Which is what I just experienced.     She is a bonefide psycho, manipulative, controlling pathological liar.   What she did was completely illegal.  I filed complaints to the HUD (for racism), this ended up in the rental moderator’s hands.  The same moderator who helped me write letters to sort things out with this landlady. 

The only awareness I had about drugs in Goleta is that everyone had a “Medical” Marijuana plant in their backyard; including this landlady.   Seriously you can go to any quack and get a card.

With the dismal job market and high cost of living index, our selection for housing is really limited and many just put up with this.

The trouble I have with Pot (besides stoned drivers) is that they think that as long as you’re “420 friendly”, that you’re going to be open to the hard drugs.   The laws need to keep the definition clear. 

The Goleta cops, like the cops in San  Francisco seemed to not want to bust drug users and drug dealers.  I’ve experienced this more than once when the use of drugs in the middle of the night during the workweek resulted in noise complaints for the police.   The drug use was obvious, cops didn’t want to see it. 

The cops in Ohio would've arrrested and jailed my landlady for both drugs and assault.

Again, in California it appears that the authorities want to over look it and I'm too vulnerable for them to care about anyways.

I have been released from badly needed temp assignments because I couldn’t do my job properly due to being kept awake until 4am on a weeknight when work started at 7am.
Both times, I was completely lied to about drugs on the property.  HARD DRUGS.

Science has enabled humans to convert fat into bone tissue. 

We have a cure for addiction. 

Unfortnatley, the boomer voting majority failed in imposing QUALITY CONTROL.

Am I being demanding?


Rumor said that money was invested in prison cells when gangsta rap got famous, but nobody put their money into a cure for addictions to hard drugs?  These idiots have blood on their hands.

The boomer voting majority killed the US Economy with trade/investment/fiscal deficits, entitlemetns and real estate Ponzi schemes.

Let’s compare the U.S. healthcare sector to Japan. 

THEY EAT *REAL FOOD* MADE FRESH, THEY ARE ACTIVE, THEY DON’T USE ORAL CONTRACEPTIVES.  Some of the oldest living Japanese citizens were smokers.


Look at it this way.  

The U.S. boomer majority society totally failed at quality control.
Note: the same ghrelin hormone peptides CART and NPY-Y5R that are responsible for cocaine addiction is the same peptide that’s responsible for sluggish metabolism dangers, including the bread basket type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol epidemics.   All caused by lack of riboflavin absorption from low thyroid, sex steroids and horrible diet.
If the leaders allowed the cure for addiction, we would have the cure for type 2 diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune diseases, allergies, etc.
Again.  Where is the quality control? 
U.S. Citizens don’t quality control their often preventable conditions in the same way they don’t impose quality control on the chemicals in their recreational drugs.

Look at what personal responsibility prevents:  VIOLENCE.  All gun control enthusiasts need to put the bong and pipes down before you even THINK of promoting legislation.
A man was beaten and tortured for $1100 (for meth).

Bartenders and barisatas wouldn’t stoop that low.  First, happy hour is a reward for doing good business.  Bartenders in some states are required to call a cab for someone whose too drunk to drive because the establishments actually hold them responsible for the damages caused by drunk driving.
Drug Dealers don’t do this for their customers.  Why would I want to do business with obvious @$$holes?   

On MY free time?

Why do I want to hear and put up with their meth induced behavioral issues?   

The BOOMER VOTING MAJORITY after all these years still suffer the epiphany that is their inferiority complex.   Pitiful.  We the meal tickets have to do so for them.

I currently have pursued action regarding my situation as of now.  I don't trust the government in the way I don't trust my landlady to control herself.  After the racism, verbal abuse, physical attack, stalking, harrassment, etc. I will be stuck paying for her social security, her medicare, her disability, her stupid "medical" marijuana after i paid her rent and went out of my way to be nice to her (cleaning up her house, cleaning up after her 3 big dogs, etc.).

I hate the U.S.  The recession is unnecessary garbage as it is.
May I get a bailout so I can leave the country?  I am soooooo sick of drugs and racists and the PR politicrats who sponsor that influence.  People invent a new low for junk every day.

And to be honest with you, it's not attractive.  

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