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Murder in Ferguson is the litmus for U.S. Civil Rights, and it is NOT good.

I know that La Ciudad de Lost Angels and county is home to 9 very strong universities, including Cal Tech, Pepperdine, USC, UCLA, Clairemont McKenna, Marymount Loyola, Biola, UCI, UCD/Northridge... others for film, fashion, etc. 

New York City, Los Angeles and probably the San Francisco Yay Area are probably the only cities in the world that hosts over 169 dialects.   Who else in the world can brag that? 

Many of you don't get the big picture.

Sure in Europe several countries speak 4 languages in each country that are similar to each other. 

The U.S. is this incredible miracle that has been home to immigrants from everywhere and this is something we need to be proud of. 
No other country can say that.

How many religions are practiced in the U.S. vs. any other country in the world?

And we need to uphold standards in a very diverse society.

On that note, this Ferguson murder is not acceptable. We are too good for that.

This was on my mind. After dealing with legalese stuff in my personal life that consists of racism against Asians in recent days, I decided to stand with Ferguson in avenging Mr. Brown's murder.
The shooting was a violation of the 8th Amendment and I hope that Obama considers that in defense of the lost guy.  SInce he like, considers the Constitution not that great or anything. 
Like I mentioned, in recent months I had an altercation with a white supremacist that opened my eyes to the neo-racism here.  In Southern California.  In the U.S.  In 2014.
Two of the white supremacists I had the misfortune of running into are pathological liars. Two of them are tweakers.

Who handed out FEMA to the Koreans who suffered $400 million in damages as a consequence of the Rodney King Riots (when the authorities provoked anger at the Koreans to protect Beverly Hills)?
"Twenty years ago, they came to Dr. Man Chul Cho suffering from symptoms of hwa-byung, the "anger sickness" of Korean folklore: They couldn't sleep, felt anxious and depressed, had muscle aches and stomach pains.
They had survived the riots, but couldn't forget. Some were considered fierce defenders -- they'd battled looters in public shootouts. Others had been all but invisible, pleading vainly for help from police while their shops burned.
They were so angry, bewildered and frightened that they were willing to buck custom and culture and trust a stranger for therapy.
The 1992 riots have a name in their community: sa-i-gu, Korean for 4/29, the same sort of shorthand as 9/11. 
Koreans suffered outsized losses: More than 2,000 Korean-run businesses were damaged or destroyed, with an estimated $400 million in losses. Two-thirds were not insured
But the cost went deeper. Many Koreans lost their bearings in the L.A. riots. 
"They felt betrayed. It was overwhelming," said Cho, who coordinated counseling for thousands. "They said, 'I can tolerate that my business burns.' But their psychological anger toward this society -- that was more intolerable." 
Most were immigrants with little money or education. "They looked at America like heaven," Cho said. 
They did not know whom to blame in the riots' messy tableau of racial violence and class warfare. 
The looters? The police who failed to protect their shops? The Simi Valley jury that acquitted the officers of beating Rodney King? 
Like their black customers, many Koreans thought the verdict was unjust. "They were sympathetic," Cho said. "Then they were destroyed." 
And 20 years later, he said, no one seems to think about them anymore."
Why would people continue to loot?

Because YOUR stupid system thrives on negativity.
YOUR system rewards negativity!

In Los Angles, WITHOUT FEMA OR AID- the Koreans successfully grew Major corporations including Samsung.  Koreans also thrived in academia.
In Los Angeles, African American PROFESSIONALS iron their shirts everyday and haul off to work in many fields including marketing, finance and healthcare.  

In Los Angeles county, Simi Valley breeds more Nazi than Hitler's Germany and Riverside seems friendly to Ku Klux Klantucky getting social security fraudulently, medicare, equity lines on fake appraised real estate, disability and welfare to buy their nasty meth with- from me when I'm LUCKY to break the lower middle class barrier in purchasing power.  

These raunchy racist trash ruined innocent lives so the government robs me to support them with social security and welfare and sometimes jobs at Intuit Credit Card Processing center that they didn't compete for.  I temped at this company for 3 days because I couldn't listen to the racist freak who trained me and the junk that came out of her mouth.  These morons dont' get trained in anything like the Patriot Act - but they get to make the decision to hold merchants' funds because the merchant or the customer "doesn't have an American name".  This genius also told me that the only Koreans with money are gangsters.   I don't know what universe she lives in, this aloof mentality of hers with her scary nasty tattoos is very creepy.

Please let me give you an example.  I'm a "model minority".  I did everything right.  I was provoked and attacked by a white supremacist tweaker shit.  I resisted.  I kept a clean act, I'm one of those "nice kids". 

 Everyone who has ever known me including teachers, coworkers, friends, family, etc. KNOWS that I'm a nice harmless person.

I do not have a criminal record.  I did great in school, got myself through college, got myself work until this shit economy created by the racist boomer defamation league.  

The Tweakertastic boomer white supremacist (and she's not the only one)--- has a problem with accuracy.  Okay she's a pathological liar who framed another minority for drugs to evict him in 72 hours. 

When push came to shove and the deputies (in an area of California) got involved, they favored her side of the story.   Again, THE RACIST WHITE LANDLADY WITH POT, ALCOHOL AND POSSIBLY METHAMPHETAMINE IN HER SYSTEM PHYSICALLY GRABBED ME AFTER ENTERING MY ROOM WITHOUT PERMISSION AT 11:30 PM ON AUGUST 7TH, 2014


She robbed me of $300.  I did not ask for it back.
I could take it to court- but due to family wishes I chose not to in fear of retaliation.


The cops are the Nazi Tweaker Trash Defense League.   They fucked ME over and I obeyed the law?  
So when people only reward the actions of negativity and ignore those who did right- what does that tell you? 
It tells you that the authorities want the looting.  If not, they'll fabricate it.  How do you know there are no agent provocateurs and plants out there to make an entire group look bad?  

Asians are stricter in the US than they are in Asia. Because we KNOW that white people blame the minorities and lie to justify that blame. 
It's some Zero Sum to make sure that this doesn't happen within the group... (slander, defamation of character).
Here is the evidence:

The New Black Panthers are cited as the ones who started the looting in Fergueson.

RUMORS SAY: "FBI Informant armed Black Panthers"
(the rumors were that Aoki armed the Panthers in the past...

Where is the concrete evidence that the protesters are looting?

Where would I get such "funny ideas"?  "People" (MORTGAGE BROKERS and REALTORS)  have stooped low enough to cause "white flight" in the form of "BLOCKBUSTING".  


The illegal and discriminatory practice of helping ethnic or minority individuals into predominantly non-ethnic or minority-dominated areas, and then using scare tactics to force current neighborhood residents to sell their homes at depressed prices. For example, a real estate broker would tell the current residents of an area that once the new, minority tenants move in that housing prices will tumble and crimewill increase, even if this is not necessarily true. The broker will then buy up the cheaper homes at reduced prices.

So we already see that even today society is being manipulated by malicious energy. 

Look at the Westboro Baptist Church!  Fred Phelps held a fund raiser for Al Gore!!!
That provocation of anger at WBC was legalized, they know the same people in common and get away with suing victims that REACTED to their garbage. 
YOU are playing into that same folly.  How do you judge honest reactions? 
How do you KNOW That all of these black people are looting vs. signing petitions?

You wouldn't even give a civil African American a chance.  

Or would you?

Based on this assumption that you side with the cop, the misguided anger. 
All I know is that white supremacists are not honest.  That group lost their credibility.  I'm also ticked that IF I'm LUCKY enough to break the lower middle class barrier- I will also be paying for the Nazi tweaker creep's social security she fraudulently gets so she can buy her nasty meth, I'm paying her property taxes, I'm paying for her medicare, I'm paying for her disability because she's trashing her body enough to be on it, I'm paying for her welfare....when the racist trash FUCKED me over!   
Now what is MY incentive motive to be civil in the face of white supremacy racism?  
I have absolutely none.    Yet I did NOT hurt the racist landlady.  I refuse to stoop that low.
I pray that as a group the African Americans will do just that and film, record, document EVERYTHING.  
You'd be a fool for judging the story based on what the media just gave you.   
Here's an African American lady getting beaten by the cops this week.

Nobody has spoken about 8th Amendment violations.

Nobody spoken about alternative ways to fix the issue of vandalism.

Nobody spoke about the grand larsony perpetrated on citizens through real estate subprime junk and subprime scandal.

What about the property "investors" who hoard apartment complexes and rent one unit out for an excessive price to maintain the cost of the entire property, forcing an artificial reduction in supply of housing in the aftermath of the subprime collapse and mac foreclosures.

Robbing people in need of shelter knowing full well that the U.S. (unlike Asia) is NOT SAFE WHEN YOU'RE NOT RICH.

Or the CRA libel blaming poor minorities (who share a billion worth of wealth between them when Wall Street has $70 trillion in bonds on it's books).

Michael Fay vandalized property in Singapore and got caned.  He was white btw.

Maybe the cop should get caned.

The God-awful lesson I relearned in recent weeks is that white supremacists are pathological liars and the boomer voting majority appear to stupid to challenge this?

Here's another "hearsay"- this is why I beg the Asians not to play the "bad boy"
The young man Fong Lee was shot by the cops who said that he had a gun on him.

Let's re-evaluate the evidence, shall we?

Police forensic experts testified that the gun found next to Lee had no traceable fingerprints, smudges or blood on the outside, nor were traces found on the bullets or clip. And while the forensic experts said that wasn't unusual, Padden found that improbable.On the day Lee was killed, the temperature had reached 77 degrees. Lee had been riding his bike for several hours. Padden said if Lee was handling a gun, he should have left some sweat or smudges somewhere on the gun.

Here we have this vagrant complete absolute disrespect for life "justified" by the color of his skin, the slant in his eyes or the basic genetic DNA make up.

Let's look at the Vincent Chin murder from a few decades ago.  How was this treated?  Almost as well as the murder of Lee.  

Lip service is awesome.
Ebens, who was convicted of second degree murder but spent no time in prison for the act, is sorry for the beating death of Vincent Chin on June 19, 1982, in Detroit--even though for many Asian Americans, he can't say sorry enough.

For years, Ebens has been allowed to live his life quietly as a free man.....Like Judge Charles Kaufman, the Michigan judge who sentenced him to probation without notifying Chin's attorneys, virtually assuring Ebens would never serve time for the murder?

So the white supremacist pathelogical liars dismissed an obvious hate crime as a "bar brawl".

The context likewise is without dispute. The recession was as severe as experienced recently, except that the collapse of the domestic marketplace was coupled with the economic miracle of the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan. The Motor City has long been called that because everyone there was dependent on automobile manufacturing, which was uniquely affected by the influx of imports. Chin was a 27-year-old Chinese American aspiring to become a draftsman; Ebens and Nitz, white autoworkers.The issue is not what happened but why. The framing is now, as it was then, whether the episode was a hate crime or a bar brawl.Perhaps it is worth pausing to point out that Ebens and Nitz never once contradicted they had done what they did. They could hardly have contested it, since dozens of people were present at the scene.Witnesses said that Ebens and Nitz used racial terms. The prosecutors referred to "chink," "jap" and the now forgotten "nip."The crucial line, above all, was "it's because of you little motherfuckers that we're out of work."The implication was that Chin -- Chinese, not Japanese, and a citizen, not a foreigner -- was somehow associated with Tokyo, blamed for the popularity of Toyota. It was mistaken identity twice over.A stripper heard someone, either Ebens or Nitz, shout that accusation at Chin. She had no particular stake in the events; for those who are wondering, she happened to be white. The effort to discredit her after the fact is so sleazy it's contemptible: It is repeated that she came to the courthouse for the trial sans panties...." (ad hominem) 
"...Ebens admitted he called people "motherfucker" from time to time, adding he didn't mean anything by it. He denied that he was a racist or would even consider using slurs." (my racist Ex-landlady would've pulled the same shit, except that I have no witnesses and Chin had many)
"...Other witnesses reported that Ebens and Nitz referenced another of Chin's friends after they weren't able to capture him, saying they should get the other motherfucker instead. They explained how Ebens and Nitz recruited a bystander and paid him to help catch the "Chinaman," saying they planned to "bust some heads."
The evidence was overwhelming. Ebens and Nitz took a plea deal.The court criminal dockets in Wayne County were so crowded -- Detroit being the murder capital of the nation in those days -- that the government had a standard operating procedure of not showing up for sentencing in such cases. The judge, being told this had been nothing more than another drunken altercation that exceeded the expectations for such affairs, sentenced the defendants to probation for three years and a fine of $3,000 each.
The murderers of Vincent Chin didn't spend a day in jail, yet the CEO of Pinkberry Mr. Lee was sent to prison for 7 years for beating an offensive homeless man in L.A.  Nobody council-ed the bum, nothing.  No rehab.  Nope!  It's an Asian being sent to jail.

Thank you almighty white trash caste system tweaker defense league.  

Folks, this wasn't caused by an African American crime wave.  This was caused by white supremacists.  

Look, if you go to ANY Asian country, you are safe.  You are not put in harms way.  Your stuff will not be stolen or looted.  Tokyo, one of the most densely populated countries on this planet has a very low crime rate.  It is so low that the police in Tokyo do not carry guns, but instead white gloves.
Who has the Asians had conflict with?  Who caused Asians to suffer, through the law?  When it is proven that Asians do NOT carry on in a violent manner?

It was Caucasians, usually not African Americans.

In contrast to the idiot Dixies, whom I refer to as the subhuman garbage who defy the theory of natural section like the 49ers who implemented the Chinese Exclusion Act.   Since when did putting down any vulnerable person EVER beneficial to your welfare?  NEVER.  
Just the very fact that conflicts even happened between Asians and Caucasians is telling about the state of the U.S.  I was recently first hand witness to the psychosis of a tweaker which is a way Nazis manipulate their following.  I also noticed that white supremacists treat their hate as if it were their deity and obsessively pursue the "story" to the ends of the Earth to justify their hate.

I grew up in the Midwest, Caucasian dominated Ohio.  I know the mentality.

"As people of color and immigrants," the statement reads, "our own communities’ histories in the United States include violence and targeting, often by law enforcement." Recent examples include theharassment and surveillance of South Asian, Sikh and Muslim communities after the attacks of September 11th, the targeted attack on a Sikh place of worship in Wisconsin, and the 2006 killing of teenager Fong Lee by a Minneapolis police officer who was later found not guilty.
"We call for justice for Michael Brown, and for all those routinely subjected to profiling, harassment and physical attacks on the streets, in schools and neighborhoods of our nation," said the NCAPA statement.

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