Saturday, November 8, 2014

UBER, HIPSTERS AND BOOMERS! OH MY! - blogging about pretentious parasites in the Yay area of Fools Gold diggers

Someone can snatch your wallet and take the $20 you have out of there.  And the cops would report it as "theft".  But if you're in the San Francisco YAY area and you're only option is UBER (fake shortage of transit? I'll get into that)--- you get to pay $362.57 for a 22 minute ride.


Go to "GoFundMe" to get other people to finance your mistake!
I didn't make a lot of mistakes, I wish that Gofundme could finance my $600 ultrasound that was supposed to cost $120 (I wasn't given an estimate when I asked- and I was really sick.  This was a mugging and reported to the state who did-NOTHING!)

Gofundme should've also paid for my $360 ticket for rolling right on a red light (that clearly violates the 8th Amendment).  Or what I lost to a tweaker trash nazi boomer garbage landlady- or that my idiot bloodthirsty backstabbing sycophant self loathing boomer Dad wouldn't allow me to defend myself against.

At least she got help.

There are a flood of parasites on the page critisizing the victim of a rip off.

This antagonism and forcing of negative feelings about one's self through the MSM has been a great way to manipulate people out of their money.  The boomers know, they fed into Beatlemania the same way (rich inebriated rockstar whines about peace and non-materialism from his penthouse in NYC, yacht, flying jet, etc.)

I mean seriously, if you have to impose PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE to convince someone else to do something- then your purpose is flat out wrong.

At what point does a convincing argument become   ABATEMENT INTENTIONAL INDICTMENT OF EMOTIONAL DISTRESS? 

Here's a "brief" overview of my own history:


When people have kids- I do tell them.  If they want their daughters (AND sons) to succeed in the business world (and life), GET THEM INTO SPORTS!!!

There's a reason why boomers, esp. the hippy dippy crowd HATES sports and competition.

It teaches confidence and self worth.   It builds character, but if you're in an individualistic society - people need to know where discipline, sacrifice and effort pans out.

Don't learn it from the MSM.

When you KNOW you're valuable, you're going to make wise choices for yourself.

All these politicrats who sponsor companies are going to do is sic the sock puppet armies on you with ad hominems and strawmen.

Hence the joke goes as follows: "how many baby boomers does it take to screw in a light bulb"?
Answer: 0.  One person gets the ladder and they spend the entire time blaming him/her.

Have I mentioned that boomers are the DUMBEST jokes in the history of the world?

I was beaten down, put down, barred- by boomers who did nothing to benefit or set me up for success.  :)

Boomers don't mind artificially cutting supply so their buddies can gouge for nothing.
San Franscisco SUCKS for transit (amongst many other things!)

Both the market (consumers) and Uber missed a few key facts

or that amount of money, you could...
-rent a limo
-rent a nice PARTY BUS! (quote might be $100/hour for over 10 people, not $350 for 22 minutes for one person)
-BMW M3's rent for $300/DAY- for more than one passenger. 
-the high end luxury cars like Rolls Royces or Ferraris can be rented in Beverly HIlls for $2000/DAY for more than one person (often with a $10,000 deposit); here it's makes more sense to do on corporate dime for write offs.
-bribe a buddy to be a designated driver and get valet parking AND a hotel room...

The real game in Frisco?  The winners get over their fears of rejection, inferiority complex and inhibitions and look out for themselves. 

So with prices at $362? for a 22 minute ride home.  Of course the boomers would condone and encourage it.  WITH OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY.  For their own benefit.

Not their own.  

Breaking the price ceiling for that good is really cutting yourself and even the sector in the feet.

They used algos to manipulate the cost of rides home like Wall Street does.

And btw, how is UBER even worth $18 million?

I bet Merrill Lynch knows. 

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