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Government hates businesses and good people. Ask the business owner so of Ferguson, Koreatown...

The theme of the Ferguson riots is the epitome of the ugly baby boomer kleptocracy enforced white trash caste system where the boomers themselves or their elected parasites will f*** people over then exploit, or violate us and provoke us. 

They did this with criminal bankers.  They're re-instigating the race melodrama since Jerry Springer show and Rodney King Riots got the ratings from the White Boomer trash that already admitted that they like to air the negativity in the Lame Stream media so they can put the younger generation down.

Like with the overrepresented minority clauses reveal, the boomer "status quo" doesn't uphold standards, they are threatened.  

Asians suing Harvard for discrimination with the overrepresented minority clause.

THere's a case going against UNC.

And the people who eat the consequences of the politicrats' actions are business owners.  And people earning an honest wage.  ALWAYS.  The government is threatened, this is similar to the North Korean soldiers giving healthy women in the camps poisoned Kimchi.  

I wanted to say something before anyone puts words in my mouth.

There had been tensions between Asian countries since- like 3000 years ago?

They ALL live in each others' countries. Right?

You have Koreans in China and in Japan. There are Chinese people who probably live in Korea. I know Koreans who married Chinese and Thai.

You have Thai, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Taiwann, etc.
MAYBE 50 years ago they were fighting each other.
When visitors and immigrants come to these countries, NOBODY was burdened by their "racial wars".
You can immigrate to Turkey, Greece (who are rivals) and not be affected by racial wars.
You can go immigrate to France or Germany (who are rivals) and not be affected by racial wars.
If you go to India, you're not going to be affected by any issues between them and the Pakistanis.
How dare the Americans do this?
From what I see-neither side was working towards diplomacy. We knew back in 1992 that the rioting would not fix racism. It didn't.

$400 MILLION in damages were dumped on the INNOCENT Korean Immigrants!!!!!

Look.  People from all over the world come to the U.S. with absolutely NOTHING in common with each other and they treat each other fine.

The White Americans, Black Americans and Latinos (American or not) all look like a pile of violent fatassed assclowns in comparison.
The U.S. has A LOT of racists. Which is sad. You can look at the blacks and the crack addiction epidemic, or the other group of provocateurs who smoke meth (which causes psychosis- I had the very unfortunate experience of being the target of psychosis by a racist landlady in Goleta California- I resent Japan for developing it. It's a HORRIBLE NASTY drug that makes people very ugly.) Still I didn't run around shooting people. My little sister used to hit me (I had many bruises) when I drove her to school. In a racist town in Ohio. I didn't shoot anyone, but these people do not contribute to anything right or healthy. The distraction didn't help me focus on my grades in school. Asian girls were the target of slander, defamation of character and libel from people i went to high school with. I had been discriminated against for jobs, housing...
BTW, I'm only HALF Asian and my wannabe John Lennon daddy (narcissistic ideologue and narcissistic control freak) gave us Asian names in a RACIST country.
Still I DIDN'T RUN AROUND SHOOTING PEOPLE, LOOTING... I'm not even allowed to resolve matters in court because of racist daddy.  I resolve matters in more constructive ways if I had anything to do with it.
IF they existed, I'm siding with NEITHER party. Michael Brown didn't have to rob, the cop didn't have to shoot 6 times, the KKK or the Panthers didn't have to show up-
And i know that neither side will rush to aid the business owners. The Koreans despite the overrepresented minority clause had to get past this horrible occurance to get college degrees, work- to growing heavy handed multi-national megacorporations.

The stupid government officials who are typically paid handsomely to fight fires and protect people and businesses failed.
Updated: 11:49 PM CT
…Local Action 41 News reports that incoming flights into St. Louis have been re-routed. No inbound flights are allowed to land at St. Louis airport at this time. It is not clear whether this is related to the Ferguson riots.
…Oakland: Protesters block highway 580 in Oakland, Ca. Reports possible rioting. (link)
…University City Police Officer and unkown victim shot near St. Louis. Believed to be related to Ferguson riots. (Action 41)
…Fires rage. No firefighters respond to calls amid vandalism, gunshots in Ferguson… Autozone, Toys R Us, Mcdonald’s, cell phone stores, and other local businesses either burned or looted.
Updated: 11:34 PM CT
Live streams being made available by independent and alternative news reporters at, Vice News and local station 41 Action News show fires at various Ferguson businesses. Gun shots have been reported across the city, though some of those may have been mistaken for tear gas canisters.
A Vice News ground team followed a police SWAT team that entered a highly volatile Ferguson street on which fires were raging. Police used bull horns to advise rioters that anyone found on the streets would be arrested.
Police were deployed to the area presumably because of an earlier report of shots being fired at firefighters and/or police officers. This led to firefighter teams reportedly being pulled from the area."
And of course, halting the National Guard whom somebody accused Obama and Eric Holder for doing...

False and absurd': Missouri governor fires back against his lieutenant for saying Obama administration kept National Guard out of Ferguson as rioters torched the town

  • Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon drew fire from Republican Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder for calling in the guard but then never deploying them into the riot zone
  • Nixon fired back Tuesday, calling the accusation 'false and absurd'
  • Kinder had pointed fingers at Attorney General Eric Holder and the Obama administration, saying they pressured Nixon to show restraint 
  • 'I cannot imagine any other reason why the governor who mobilized the National Guard would not have them in [Ferguson] to stop this' 
  • Guardsmen were deployed to other St. Louis suburbs Monday night but only arrived in Ferguson on Tuesday morning to survey the wreckage
  • Nixon dodged a question about whether or not guard troops were on Ferguson's main streets before the chaos erupted ...
    Kinder had accused the Obama administration on Monday night of pressuring Nixon into keeping militarized guardsmen out of the riot zone as buildings in Ferguson burned, police cars were set alight and gunfire pierced the night's chaos.
    Nixon also dodged a question on Tuesday about whether or not guardsmen were positioned in downtown Ferguson before chaos erupted.  

    Read more:
This reeks of the same incompetance, neglect or malicious acts that prevented victims from being rescued from the rooftops during 9/11.  They had no excuse, this garbage could have been prevented.

Before I go on, I want to let anyone reading this know that I strongly believe that Darren Wilson was out of line.  We know that Michael Brown was a big intimidating guy but 6 shots was excessive

Neither side attempted to make diplomatic efforts before they went into hideous assclown territory.

The Rodney King riots in 1992 didn't prevent future racial or abuse of power incidents by the police. 
So the idiots are redoing the UNNECESSARY damages onto bystandards, aka. "collateral damage".

We, the law abiding good citizens of the United States are NOT "collateral damage".   REGARDLESS OF RACE, STATUS, CLASS, AGE, GENDER, etc. 

The Boomer utopia of a government that is too heavily leveraged by foreign governments through the U.S. Treasury with anemic stock markets and business climate amidst stagflation so yes they yield way too much power over us.  Generational theft for socialist criminals is another big case of our government f***ing us for the benefit of social interest.  It's very challenging to get a loan from the bailed out FAILED banks to push the economy along, foreign countries who finance the US Treasury in exchange for a massive trade surplus from the U.S. have not removed barriers to the U.S. financial sector (see Clinton in 1995 during the disaster known Multinational Investment Agreement between the U.S. and China BEFORE he passed deregulation).
As far as the rioters, provocateurs, arrogant narcissists and the nieve:

I'm better than all of those provocateurs, thugs and looters despite my shortcomings because I didn't stoop to THEIR level of psychotic thugginess when I was physically attacked and robbed of $400 by my nasty white racist tweaker (meth addicted) landlady in Goleta. 

I'm encouraging all of you to do the same, to TAKE THE HIGH ROAD.

WE know that "Rebecca" Wu is an FBI spokesperson now (FBI who MIGHT be involved in the provocation) and Richard Aoki who was the FBI informant that armed the Black Panthers during the Oakland riots during the 60's. 
The government fuels these fires for their own reasons, this riot has little to do with justice.  And the fact that businesses are left to suffer is a little too similar to the victims of 9/11 who were left to suffer because the FBI or CIA or whomever did nothing to prevent a preventable disaster.  When you ruin someone's business- you're ruining their livlihoods and that's pretty sociopathic.  And the government is pulling this garbage with our tax dollars.

From MY point of view- I am not taking either side. I have to take my own side. Especially when nobody but a nice Punjabi student (neighbor) took my side during the horrible awful racism episode I had to deal with.  Believe me, racism and tweaker klanspeople are NOT glamorous. 

While the Koreans in the aftermath of the nasty riots managed to get top grades, college degrees, competative jobs in corporate and even management positions (in ONE generation-this is why I tell everyone that a real education in the US is the real rags to riches story).   The black racists sit in the ghetto on welfare smoking crack while the white supremacists sit on a hill somewhere and smoke their meth.  The rest of us should not be expected to be taken down to their level, and we should definately not stoop to their level.  This is why I chose not to side with either group. 

Neither black or white groups worked towards diplomacy or acted to protect innocent bystandards, UNNECESSARY "collateral damage" is not okay.  This is totally not acceptable. 

Politics didn't solve it. Koreans never got FEMA while the looters in New Orleans did.
The businesses won't see the insurance they were hoping for or FEMA and this is NOT the economy that can help them recover quickly from.

The incentive motive in the U.S. is so wrong.

Good character has to thrive regardless and MY own personal fight will be for that only. I'm kindly asking you to NOT blindly assume that we will pick one or the other side in this battle.
It was never worth it.
I'm only here to fight the good fight and despite the sensationalism which Americans glorify thriving on negativity, otherwise I don't exist. I never have.
i'm personally too good for this (it's a choice, not a race) and it's going nowhere.

Those who chose to make something of themselves have to be in this game to win it.  And it's worth winning. 

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