Sunday, June 14, 2009

Where is this Communism sentiment coming from?

I only have 23 minutes before the outage so I have to make this quick.

Just looking around as things shift back to normal I realized that this Obamamination is a freak of nature.

Everyone I know is either in love with this guy because he's black or because he's a partier. Then I noticed something else. All of his backers are pro-drug or prolegalization. I just never thought about it for some reason.

Through this unreal election, I have been swarmed by a bunch of kooks about his candidacy. Not one could give a logical reason on the economy.

I also realized that the Michael Moore/Arianna Huffingtons/Naomi Kleins/other useless hacks have no clue about the difference between capitalism, socialism, keynesian and communism but they blame capitalism for socialism's failures.

Their objective is to appease the commie gurillas, Cuba, etc. who bring them cheer. Their objective is to lie to get what they want. Their objective is not to make the economy any better, because if you were a rich, snorting hack you don't care how the economy affects anybody else.

And it was offensive, I am the daughter of a civilian who almost died at the hands of commies. The scare is real. Look at what North korea is doing to thier own people. Look at Mao, Pol Pot and Stalin. And liberals want to call themselves "humanitarians" and "compationates" when they rally communism?!!! Are they for real?!!!

We're talking about life and death issues, not party favors! They have to be on drugs, there's no other plausible explanation. Nobody has that much incentive to be an A$$h0le.

I would rather legalize drugs than suffer another drug user's inept, nieve, shortsighted, empty, vacant, illogical fallacies on economic systems.

It's like trying to talk to a junkie. They will lie, distort facts, dodge the argument, throw ad hominems and red herrings. They will do whatever it takes to get what they want.

Do your thing, just don't affect me with it please. That's all I ask.

Obama is bankrupting the country. We shouldn't be forced to choose between someone's preference of party favors and a leader that can work a fiscal policy; because as ar as fiscal matters goes Obama doesn't know what he's doing.

The love for Communism comes from the drug trade. Commies and Cokeheads are all one and the same. And they're arguing as they really want something. Their arguements are always ad hominems or red herrings at best. Money controls people, but I believe not pot but cocaine is the next largest influence. It has to be.

Columbia's gurrillas, the Chinese Nationalist movement, Nicaragua, Cuba...all communists. The last time i heard, small Cuban child refugees were floating ashore in Florida.

The market for Coke is estimated to be around $70 billion/year. Pot is only a $30 billion/year market. Tobacco is only $6 billion/year.

It's tiresome to have to second guess everything people say. A dog is smarter on social issues than Obamaphiles. And I talk with respect for human life.


  1. Actually, I would just rather legalise drugs! ;)

    ...and no, it's not because I want some, lol

    It's because the 'War on Drugs':
    1. Costs a lot of $$$$
    2. Has led to a ridiculous prison population (plus, some 18 year old pothead gets sent in there for posession and comes out a hardcore criminal)
    3. Has been used as the justification to violate individual freedom (searches etc)

    And more people die from adverse reactions to prescription drugs than die from using prohibited drugs. (marijuana doesn't kill anyone at all)

  2. I would only legalizer it for domestically grown subtances only.
    Pot $30-70 billion/year
    Coke $70 billion/year.
    That's anywhere between $100-$170 billion/year depleting our money supply in circulation. That's larger than our trade deficit with China.