Monday, June 22, 2009

The importance of citizen journalism-Iran

The interweb is flooded with horror stories, stories of revolution, excuses and stories involving the CIA. The Iranian protests are written on Twitter from Iran and videos posted on Youtube. Through the mass influx of information; and too often like 9/11 a reaction by people who have trouble handling information on crisis. A few others would exploit the situation for their own agendas. Unfortunately our domestic fiscal situation is subject to the same misrepresntation. The best point of view is closest to the first person point of view as you can get. The best news is just one reported objectively as if you were there, allowing the audience to make up our minds for ourselves on how we feel about that situation.

Out on the "featured" page of youtube was the video of a 16 year old Neda dying from a gunshot wound to the heart. The reaction from the crowd elimated suspicion that this was a "fake" video. I'm not getting into any stories around this.

But instead of hearing blame thrown around about who gave who weapons ancient history ago, people haven't learned that you can't change the past. And it is asking a lot for unarmed people to just revolt against a Bisaj, or an armed para-military group that kills on behalf of an evil empire. Obama was the eager beaver who wanted to befriend iran back in March, before the election. We must be really afraid of those nukes.

Or Israel is. Come on, like the CIA we can't leave the Jews out of this story too. The CIA and the Jews are behind everything that happens in the world and Americans are always going to be evil; according to the MSM. Look, I'm not even factchecking the CIA and the Semite theories. My bottom line is that leaders who kill their own people should never have access to weapons of mass destruction. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad obviously doesn't seem to place a high value on life except for his own or those who can directly benefit him.

We can't give Iran weapons because when we did that in the past during the Cold War; those weapons were used as a powergrab against the U.S. What we should do is provide these protestors bullet proof vests, helmets, appendages, neosporin, crutches, bandaids, triad nurses, dry ice patches for those bruises, bulletproof cars and borrow a few of Obama's bullet proof glass walls. Obama went golfing, when is he going to need them?

I'll bet not one source in the mainstream media or fox news reports anything that aligns with my point of view.

North Korea also shares a bit of troubles with Iran. Both are led by less than humane jerks who want nukes. There is also a large Korean population in Los Angeles. Both groups made good of their opportunities here. I didn't hear as much from the Iranians, but I've met Koreans who survived the Korean war and heard their perspective on the North Korea/US issue. You can't censor citizen journalism.

Just like I am blogging about America's fiscal troubles; until the interweb is completely censored ... through communication we have direct access to a first person point of view on the situations that affect us.

I'm an average, college educated American citizen. I have very little in common with Robert Murdoch or George Soros. These two tycoons bought off the media. And they're obviousy not representing the news as how it's going to affect me and too many of my fellow Americans.

So in return, I decided to respresent myself. No i'm not a trained journalist. My grammer is lacking on many occasions. But I'd rather represent myself before anybody starts jib jabbing about us "clueless" Americans based on the point of views of the one person who bought off the Mainstream Media for his own agenda.

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