Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Fountainhead - the Official Introduction

"The man's ego is the fountainhead of human progress", Ayn Rand The Fountainhead.

This aligns directly with the views adopted by Adam Smith,
"Man was made for action, and to promote by the exertion of his faculties such changes in the external circumstances both of himself and others, as may seem most favourable to the happiness of all."
The Theory of Moral Sentiments, Part II Section III Chapter 3

The reason why this blog was even created is because the sincere sentiments of the people are conveniently ignored by the press for political objectives. Before the bailout was passed, it was Feinstein who said that 95% of Americans opposed the bailout, yet she passed it. There's a severe disconnect between our country's politicians (I refuse to say leaders) and the American people.

Is it not the people who made this country great? Let's see. Was it a politician or a citizen who invented electricity? The car? The airplane? Modern medicine? The internet? Who designed the blackberry? The citizen or the politician? Who's ultimately responsible for the progress and the innovation (aka. wealth creation) in America? The citizens or the politicians? The politician's job is to legislate, it's our job to move America forward. Lest be it known that Americans require freedoms in order to do so.

This state of affairs is my reason for adopting Free Market Principles.

This sentiment is too ignored in the press as of lately. Again the press is a bureaucracy, a needy one at this point for it's survival. Media outlets are going out of business, the SFGate is also in danger.

They are biased not only to the left but to the right as well. The smoke screen is so thick that Americans are aware that there is a problem but they're not sure what it is. After the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center, I learned to read my news instead of watching it on the tube. Why? Because the sensationalism (creation of a wolf pack mentality) is egged on so hard yet the "news" is not supported or followed up with information of a logical or rational nature. "Yes" we know it's bad. But where are the developments? Maybe I'm not too experienced in the nature of disasters such as these, however the lack of tangible information makes one feel the sense of helplessness. What could I do to help? Unfortunately nothing. This was reflected the next day when Blockbuster stocks shot up after the stock market opened. Not only did I see this type of media coverage during 9/11, but in so many other news stories. In the last 8 years, there seemed to be a pattern of media covering gay rights and abortion issues every time the markets took a dive. It's later than 2000, not the 1950's. The sad part is that the public dove right into it. Unfortunately, this is the same method the media is using to report our economic disaster. To those who sympathize with the left probably know the significance of Mao, he was a poverty pimp who slaughtered millions of his own people in "peace" times. There were others. But the scare tactics, ones that Bush was accused of using to manipulate the sentiment.

Which is why those of us out here wish the news be reported to us as if we were there, we can form opinions on our own.

As a bystandard, I don't think someone else's affairs are any of my business. I would just call an ambulance if they needed one. It's been known for some years now that we can't legislate personal behavior, just the adverse affects on other people. This is always a waste of time, resources and so forth and it's always done with an ulterior motive. This is not a view pov you'd expect to hear from any Republican, but apparently we've been so generalized with the NeoCons that the centrists are hidden from daylight.

But when the economy is sick, it needs an accurate diagnosis so the correct cure can be provided. Unfortunately, we're not getting that good diagnosis so we don't know which doctor to go to.

Free market capitalism acknowledges the reality of greed. Greed is like gravity. In order to fly one must work with gravity, not defy it.

Along the comments about Free Market Capitalism, who would you trust with your own affairs? Would you trust a narcissistic stranger(politician)? Or would you rather be in control? My feelings against Keynesian Economics are similar to the known ones against socialism. The purest forms of capitalism enables the citizen the fullest extent of their 2nd amendment rights against external market factors through messy government intervention. Unfortunately the financial engineers were only concerned with credit defaults. Guns are not enough, they're not always the right means of protection.

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