Monday, March 9, 2009

Favorite Sources of Information-MY OFFICIAL PROMOTION PAGE!!

I've mentioned in a few of my blogs how much I resent the Main Stream Media for providing a substandard quality of information. It's too politically biased to uphold any accurate facts. In the last few years, I've started reading my news instead of watching it on the boobtube. I also found that financials tend to report just any news more objectively than, say CNBC or the NY Times. Unfornately, we also need to look at BBC and UK Telegraph to get some scoop on our Commander in Chief.

For Financials, I enjoy:

Wall Street Journal
FT Times
The Economist

and skip:

The NY Times
Anyone seen as a shrill or a hack (most commentators are infact shrills or hacks, I'm cautious around someone else's bias).

They seem to do more promoting than reporting. The seasoned reporters on CNBC (God bless them, most are women) can understand the topics they're reporting. They can also keep their facts straight. But it's not the case with all of them. And Fox News is typically legit until you have a politically controversial issue. I'm an objectivist, I prefer that the journalists allow me to make my own opinions on the topics. NY Times is a Wall Street tabloid posing as "news".

Now I've found a few resources that I feel that I can rely on. What I enjoy about them is not only their objectivity, but they're not selling anything when they're reporting the facts so they can keep the story straight. For a long time, no economist could go on air and warn about the housing bubble. That was blasphemous, even though we knew it in our hearts that it was true.
They did so because Real Estate was the sales pitch of the day, even after the miserable crash it is seen as status quo.

I'm going to keep updating the information as I come across it.
Sites, interviewers and shows that are highly recommended:

Global Risk Specialist - ATCA Organization (Economists and Philanthropists analyzing current events- also found on Facebook)

Economy in Crisis


On the Trade Deficit

Federal Deficit

On how your politician voted on a local issue:

Poverty statistics


On the Stimulus

On TARP and treasuries

Inflation Calculator

Afshin Rattansi (found on BBC w/ Max Kaiser)

Other Commentators:

Peter Schiff (EuroCap investment)
Jim Rodgers


Adam Smith:
The Wealth of Nations
The Theory of Moral Sentiments

Ayn Rand:
Atlas Shrugged
The Fountainhead
An Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology
The Virtue of Selfishness
Capitalism; The Unknown Idea

Other fun reads:

How to Work for an Idiot; Written by John Hoover (a self proclaimed recovering idiot)
-The reason why I included it is because one, it is funny. And two, it clearly reveals real life evidence of anti-competative practices in the office; lovable bureaucracies again interfering with efficiency (which shouldn't be happening). God help us because we do need to compete in the global market place.


On Austrian Economics:

On Keynesian Economics:

I just wanted to add one more note. Certain individuals are being hyped for predicting the recent economic collapse. Anyone with no incentive in the bubble and their head screwed on straight could've told you in 2000 that a correction was coming. This is not a remarkable feat, it just shows how much propoganda was put forth by our media to increase the real estate demand.

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