Monday, September 29, 2014


Coincidentally all parties who have violated US wishes to block Russian sales of natural gas are being hit with "revolutions" and market swings.   
It's just coupon day on Hong Kong properties before the linking of Shanghai and Hong Kong exchanges.  China had recently signed a Natural Gas deal with Russia.

Ukraine had some protests, apparently they were citizens from Moldavo who were paid 30 Euros per day as plants staging a "prodemocracy" protest in Ukraine.
"NOTE: I have received an email from Moldova, a country bordered by Romania and Ukraine with cities on the Moldova-Ukraine border, that Moldovans are paid 30 euros per day to pose as Ukrainian protesters. I would like to hear from readers who can confirm this report and/or provide a media source in support of this claim."
So what could've stirred this?
U.S. using Ukraine to block natural gas shipments to um.... China?
China and Russia just signed a pact for natural gas.

Most recently, South Africa did too.  I expect a protest there soon.

But China's natural gas deal seemed to provoke some friction from natural gas companies in Texas.

The U.S. has been sanctioning Russia.  No he isn't a saint, but Putin was good to his own citizens and learned from his Cold War enemies.
Putin is doing the right thing economically on a global standpoint by increasing supply of natural gas during a stagflated market (especially the stagflation in the US, the world's consumer?)

Right before Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, it was the U.S. who blocked the shipment of oil to Japan which provoked the attack.

I would like to kindly thank the two countries who learned from then on how to deal with the U.S.---since they're the two countries that bought gobs of US Treasuries (instead of private sector business backed investments) which supported US Corruption since Nixon took the US off of the Gold Standard to "finance Vietnam".  
China sold off US debt for the second-straight month in July, according to data from the US Treasury Department.
The world's second-largest economy reduced its holdings by $3.5 billion in July, which was down 0.3 percent compared to June, according to the Treasury International Capital (TIC) report released Tuesday. The monthly report reflects securities purchased and sold on a two-month lag, and the Sept 16 release shows activity from July.
China remained the largest buyer of US debt, with total holdings reaching $1.26 trillion. In the first half of the year, the country dropped holdings for three straight months before picking up again in May and then dropping again in June.
Japan is the second-biggest purchaser of US debt, and its total for July was $1.22 trillion, $500 million lower than for June, the report showed.
"Individual country holdings showed that both China and Japan were marginally better sellers of Treasuries in July, shedding $3.5 billion and $0.5 billion, respectively," said Gennadiy Goldberg, US strategist at TD Securities USA, in a research note. "The closely-watched ‘notes and bonds' purchases nevertheless showed some interesting trends, with China selling $11.9 billion — the first sale following six straight months of strong buying where China purchased a combined $131 billion."

other coverage per Google search:                                                                                                       China sells off US Treasuries Chinadaily USA - ‎Sep 17, 2014‎ China sold off US debt for the second-straight month in July, according to data from the US Treasury Department. The world's second-largest economy reduced its holdings by $3.5 billion in July, which was down 0.3 percent compared to June, according to the ...
China, Japan cut back on U.S. Treasury holdings
Richmond Times-Dispatch - ‎Sep 17, 2014‎
Foreign buyers of U.S. Treasury securities trimmed their holdings in July after hitting a record in June. The two biggest purchasers, China and Japan, both cut back. The Treasury Department said Tuesday in its monthly report that foreign holdings dipped 0.3 ...
Foreigners snub long-term US assets for 2nd month in July
Reuters - ‎Sep 16, 2014‎
As yields declined, foreigners sold $800 million in U.S. Treasuries in July, from outflows of $20.8 billion in June. It was the second consecutive month of U.S. Treasuries selling by foreign investors. Data also showed China's holdings of U.S. Treasuries fell to ...
Foreign investors sell long-term US assets in July
Reuters - ‎Sep 16, 2014‎
Including short-dated assets such as bills, overseas investors bought $57.7 billion in U.S. assets, recovering from outflows of $142 billion in June. Data also showed that China's holdings of U.S. Treasuries declined to $1.265 trillion in July.China is still ...
Foreign Holdings of Treasurys Drop for First Time in a Year
Moneynews - ‎Sep 16, 2014‎
That reduction occurred as speculation mounted that the Fed officials would soon begin to taper $45 billion a month of Treasurys purchases and $40 billion a month of mortgages. China, the largest foreign lender to the U.S., reduced its holdings $3.5 billion, ... 

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