Friday, December 4, 2009

Unemployment dropped .2 and the U-6 up to 17.6

According to Obama's statistics, the unemployment situation is "getting better". Or at least this is what he wants the Asians to think to hold on to our debt.
The unemployment numbers dropped to 10 from 10.2.

Not too reassuring for the 15 million who are still out of work.

The U-6 is up to 17.6.

How can the ADP and BLS surveys disagree by 150,000+ jobs?

seasonally adjusted number for November 17.2. Non-seasonal =16.4.
Let's look at this economic recovery:
-Are small and medium sized business owners seeing it in greater access to credit?
-Is the middle and working class seeing it hiring and greater numbers of job openings?
-Are small and regional banks seeing it in t...heir treatment from federal regulators?
-Are we seeing it supposed new and better regulation to address the
failings of the financial system (to big to fail banks, systemic risk,
-Are we seeing a turn-around at tax-payer GM, AIG, etc. after the hundres of billions spent?
-increase in exports? Decrease in Imports? Not if the liberals keep blocking domestic drilling!
**on the bright side, Gold dropped on a buy signal. Thanks Obama! **

They're cooking the numbers. So much for Dope and Change!!

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