Sunday, November 22, 2009

Strange occurances: Hasan's massacre, the KSM trials, the PBR Brazil shares, Healthcare Reform and Palin

After Napolitano declared suburbanites and family gatherings at "tea parties" dangerous; Hasan KILLS 13 troops as an act of terror. Is this an attempt to scare people away from joining the military? Is this intended to create mistrust within the ARMY? Funnier yet, sources cite that the CIA dismissed suspicion on Hasan because it was a benign case.

Here's a soldiers' arguement to the PTSD excuse the left winged media gave on behalf of Hasan. Knowing that a financier of the left thinktanks hates Israel, it's not suprising to see the left AND THE PRESIDENT take mercy on the killer.

The left winged media hacks, including Media Matters and the Huffington Post first pointed fingers at right winged extremists to draw attention away from the fact that Napolitano FAILED to do her job. She was instead acting as Obama's attack dog.

I'm not white. I grew up as a minority and I attended tea party rallies. My only complaint about them is that they didn't protest the bailouts. But who takes the elderly and their children to a riot? If people thought it would be at all dangerous, families wouldn't be going.

After Susan Roesgen of CNN antagonized protestors, Norah O'donnell of MSNBC antagonizes a 17 year old for wearing an "anti-bailout" t-shirt to a Palin book signing event.

Now they're picking on Palin "because of the healthcare reform". Um, hello idiots she's not on the senate or the Congress, she can't vote for it.

Organizing for America is begging their people for $500,000 in donations just to smear her. Did Soros stiff them? And is pushing their supporters to include a Public Option, creating an illusion of a division within the left. This donation does not intend to rationally explain such a huge piece of legislation to the people, but just to smear Sarah Palin!!! No the GOP isn't full of saints, however this action taken by the left seems a little irrational to say the least.

The Soros equation is much too disturbing. Okay he literally bought Obama's presidency. His non-profit ANWR have been boycotting Exxon. Expert of nothing Shannyn Moore has been blogging incessantly about the horrors of the Exxon spill that happened TWENTY YEARS AGO... then she babbles on about how that "b*tch Sarah Palin" was busy signing an oil deal with Exxon for Alaska. Good for Sarah if she did.

Soros was also invested in PBR, an offshore drilling company headquartered in Brazil that just signed a mac deal with China for oil.

He recently let go of a few shares (November 16th and on November 18th, there are talks about a strike in PBR Peru Did Soros send the SEIU down that way? This is the oldest trick in the book on how to increase oil prices.

Mind you, China has 1.7 billion people and Warren Buffet just made a billion dollars off of investments in Chinese Auto sales. They're also driving Hummers.

There are only 300 million Americans. China has 4-5 times the size of the U.S. population that will drive up the demand for oil. The increased prices in oil 2 years ago was due to international oil speculation based on that prediction...the left avoids mentioning this.

Lower supply of oil = higher gas prices. Lower valued US dollar = higher gas prices + increased trade deficit
unless we can drill for our own.

I'm sure you're aware that Soros financed the Democracy Alliance and many of the left wing non-profits. You're probably aware that he knew when Media Matters would stop rallying against Halliburton so he knew when to buy up shares So much for an Israel hating Jew.
I'm sure you know how well he profited from the subprime collapse, the collapse of the British pound in the 90's and the collapse of the Bhat.

His media has been quite forgiving of the muslim terrorists.
The KSM trial is an inappropriate time to object a death penalty, they're pushing buttons on the right.
In 1998, H.R.4655 was formed by Congress to establish a program to support a transition to democracy in Iraq.

The angrier the left appears, the more suspicious their motive is. They're probably just taking his money while waiting for him to die.

Something tells me that Palin isn't the target for healthcare reasons. They're rushing a large piece of legislation, not explaining it to the people but antagonizing anyone that gets in their way. Something is very wierd about this.

I pray for her safety and her success. I pray for our country and it's citizens.

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