Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What the heck is our country going through?

So here's what's going on in the world. Korea's WON is up, China's economy is up 8.9%, a bunch of insiders got busted by the SEC, Bernanke is calling the trade deficit a problem, bank CEO's are getting record breaking bonuses, money is almost free and gas prices are on the rise. The usual.

Basically, we're experiencing a bunch of melodrama in the news while the economy takes a turn for the worst.

But somebody is having a hissyfit. Either it's Czar Obama or Soros, it's too hard to tell. Typically I avoid politics, because much of it is theatre. But what is Obama's problem? He's running after some Cophenhagen Treaty, tossing OUR taxpayer money at 3rd world countries, the MSM is aggressively attacking opposition and the White House officially puts Fox News on their "enemies" list. Here's the Fox coverage of it

Meanwhile Obamadrama is having a qualm with Army Commmander McChrystal over troops in Afghanistan,

What is with all of this melodrama? What president in the history of mankind stirs melodrama with his own people? Good grief.

Obama, America has two seperate parties in order to perform checks and balances for the American people. Well when they're not too busy being bribed by special interest and remember who the government collected $1.34 trillion worth of income taxes from. Republicans, by it's initial purpose promotes individual liberties, vs. collectivism. That's who we are, that's the reason why we exist and that's what we do.

Suffering opposition is called performing checks and balances. Unfortunately our Congress has no real republicans - just rinos. Today's republicans are really a figment of Obama's imagination.

Infact, I can argue that Bill Clinton is a bigger Republican than Snowe is, and he's kind enough to just call himself a democrat- just to spare us of suffering yet another RINO.

Back to the point. Suffering opposition is a part of the President's job. If Obama didn't want the job, why did he impose such an insufferable campaign for 2 long years to get the job in the first place?

This is one of the main reasons why I personally have an issue with overcompulsively campaigning, nasty tempered Soros. How much propoganda can be considered overkill? Does overbearing mean anything to him?

If Obama wanted the job, why is he whining about it? If he can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen. If he can't handle a viewpoint that varies from his own, he can't handle the job. We want our economy in better health, we want a secure country and one thats' managed properly. Not a Jerry Springer style entertainment from the White House. I personally regard Obama as a low class individual that lacks any set of ethics, morals and maybe competancy to carry out his duties.

And I greatly hope and pray that this drama queen steps down before the end of this year.

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