Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Boomer Economics

This is a quote I got off of Craigslist of all places, nothing holds truer. Since it's going to disappear in a few days, i decided to repost it. Excuse the French. People are requiring a college degree for accounting positions that pay $8.00/hour in the bay area. It's really bad and people have a good reason to be upset.

"The boomers got us into the financial mess with all of their "get rich quick" schemes, buying houses out of their means, illegal stock market activities, and in general a totally false economy. This is nothing new for these fuckers but this time they have done a doosie! So, how do they propose to fix the mess they made? Come on non-boomers, you know the answer....yes, that's it.....ON THE BACKS OF FUTURE GENERATIONS! Yep, this is no fucking surprise if you know how evil these shitbags are. It's all about the "get out of recession quick" schemes that will allow boomers to profit for the remaining years of their lives. They care not that multiple generations will have to pay for their fuckups. That's just the way boomers are; a bunch of selfish mother fuckers who don't care shit about anyone but themselves. And, as if things aren't bad enough, they want Gen X & Y to pay for their healthcare and an energy reform debacle. These boomers sure are pieces of shit, aren't they?!?!?"

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